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July 8th, 1999. Posted in Author's articles

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Not to be imprisoned tomorrow, struggle for freedom today

Much in a life does not occur by itself. There are processes with which it is possible and it is necessary to operate, eat processes which it is necessary to initiate or support. There are processes which it is necessary to “smother” in a germ.

1917 …. Adventurers (revolution), NEB (new economic policy, economy blossoming), dispossession of the kulaks, violence over the rights and freedom of citizens, “manual” courts, public prosecutors, legislative and an executive power, mysterious murders and disappearances of people, mass executions ….

1994 …. Adventurers (visibility of revolution), NEB 1994-1996 (blossoming of a private sector of managing at Michael Chigire, the maximum payments to workers, peasants, employees and pensioners), 1996 dispossession of the kulaks, witch-hunt, terror in economy, violence over the rights and freedom of citizens, “manual” courts, public prosecutors, legislative and an executive power, mysterious murders and disappearances of people, general arrests of political opponents ….

What is following stage?

5 years of cheap populism, disorder of economy, search of enemies is. The best friend A.lukashenka -is Milosevic, is declared by the military criminal. «Tell to me who your friend and I will tell who you» speak in the people.

Other popular expression occurs, when analyze “policy” of our management to the West and the USA … about the Elephant and the Pug from Krylov’s fable.

Today there is no international isolation of Belarus, today there is an isolation of a policy of the spent by A.Lukashenka. The majority of the western and Russian politicians, entrepreneurs say, that they for cooperation with Belarus, but without Lukashenka.

From 1.09.99 the goods (property) will be confiscated from entrepreneurs without court, by any passing by sergeant of militia. Projects of decrees and decrees on which entrepreneurs are prepared will plunder and put even more. Today one entrepreneur gives receipts in the budget in a type of tax and gathering in 100-160 (!) times more than the average worker.

The note: 100.000 entrepreneurs give 20 % of a profitable part of the budget; four million workers give 80 % of a profitable part of the budget.

Today entrepreneurs have put in the most humiliating position. The entrepreneurs did not make huge penalties, for which offences, a robbery and extortion from various controllers. The president and bodies under control to him have created the whole system on confiscation of property at citizens. To select and divide, all than the power was engaged last time. The cumulative income, coupons, certification, the Decree №14, etc. it only the tool for achievement of this purpose. “Have beaten off” the cumulative income there was “certification”, then to appear still that or. To struggle it is necessary not with consequences, and with the illness. Recently A.Lukashenka on TV admitted, that held Belarus 5 years in the suspended condition to please Russia. To whom it will please further difficultly to tell, but only not to own people, it is exact.

Today the power temporarily (for two months) has suspended terror against the citizens. To citizens it have made the favor. After a respite, terror to proceed with the new, doubled force.

What to do? It is necessary to act as an united front in protection of the rights and legitimate interests. Workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, pensioners, students, housewives will tell the word 21.07.99. 21.07.99 expire A.Lukashenka’s powers given to it the made a fool people in 1994. The power is preparing for this day. New “Zones” are under construction, there is a re-planning of old “zones” for the purpose of their consolidation for acceptance of new replenishment, power structures amplify, people disappear, parties, trade unions, public organizations are forbidden, provokers are bought, there is a pressure upon leaders of trade unions, parties and public organizations. Does not understand the power one – it the hands digs to itself a tomb. In these “zones” it is yet known, who will appear, well and power structures will support the people, instead of adventurers.

Entrepreneurs to be obliged to are solitary with requirements of other people demanding resignation by A.Lukashenka. Otherwise today the power will finish with workers and teachers, then with all the others. Therefore 21.07.99 appears republican the action of civil disobedience. All markets of republic Belarus stop work and entrepreneurs join protest actions spent by workers, pensioners, intelligence and students. The basic actions will be spent in Minsk. 1.09.99 protest action with the termination of payment of taxes and other payments is planned.

We have a plan of action. We will force this power to go on democratic elections. Only democratically chosen authorities will respect the rights of the citizens and will cancel all these senseless and harmful restrictions in the field of development of small and average business.

Wishing to create the trade unions, to take part in work republican enterprise not state structures, address on bodies/faxes (8-0152 72-00-72, (for letters 230005, Grodno-5 of p.o. 63),

Entrepreneur Valery Levaneuski

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