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July 22nd, 1999. Posted in Author's articles

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Holidays have passed, what further?

Across Belarus the first have passed the holidays organized by the people, under the general name «the Demobilization 99». Despite counteraction of the authorities, official mass media and forcing of intensity by authorities the holiday has gone right.

For example, in Grodno by preparation for a holiday handcuffs have been put on and receptions of fighting sambo-wrestling 19.07.99 on Victor Podchinenkov are fulfilled, some times (including at night) the dress of employees of militia visited apartment of the Chairman of Incorporated Civil party on the Grodno area, the author of these lines, Valery Levaneuski, but could not find him. The city authorities in a broadcast with the assistance of Pashkevich and Lavcel (the chairman and the deputy the chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People’s Deputies) have reached such meanness as free distribution of sweets and balls in honor of the Holiday, have compared to actions of fascists, which, being covered with children, created the affairs. About what it speaks? It speaks about intellectual limitation of the given representatives of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People’s Deputies and their low cultural level. It is possible to assume, that the authorities of Grodno 21.07.99 townsmen a peace holiday wished to arrange a mass slaughter-house, and. One (power) were going to spend mass beating of townspeople, other (townspeople) peacefully to express the pleasure concerning the termination 5 summer terms of board of A.Lukashenka. Possible provocation of the authorities of a city is not has gone right also a holiday in of Grodno has passed not under the scenario of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People’s Deputies. Were gave inflatable spheres (more than 1000 pieces) and sweets to children? Unfortunately to all interested persons of gifts has not sufficed, since gifts have been bought at the expense of poor means of separate citizens, members of Incorporated Civil party and Free Trade union of entrepreneurs of Grodno “Southern”. And by our calculations in a holiday has taken part more than 5.000 townspeople who walked in park of a city and expressed the pleasure. It was not such serious conflicts. Unfortunately, the holiday has been saddened by detention of six active workers of a holiday, but it is usual history for our city. In which beating, arrests and dirty slander on far-outers norm of a life of local authorities are

Next time we will try to find more means for gifts and to congratulate on a holiday of all come (even militiamen, employees of KGB and an executive power).

We do not divide people into ours and not ours. All of us are citizens of one country. We should respect each other without dependence from that to like someone to A.Lukashenka or not. Each person has the right to choose to itself an idol. If person «made a fool » and it is enamored in A.lukashenka – it’s this right. Stalin and Hitler too have been favorites by the people, propagation did the business.

The deceived people trusted these rascals. The people deceived, zombies and intimidated. The history has put all on the places.

Basis of our policy – is of the right of each person shall to be observed without dependence from its political outlook.

In honor of a holiday more than 9 thousand entrepreneurs of the Grodno area have not come to work (in the markets of cities left to trade no more than 10-20 % of dealers, in some cities the markets at all did not work).

The holiday in Grodno has shown for the first time, that is possible and it is necessary to organize celebratory walks, without meetings and demonstrations. We, the people, owners of the country, instead of seized populists everyone there upon the power, shouters and talkers central and local authorities. We hope, that local authorities, will understand the error, will cease to force intensity and for following holidays will assist in their carrying out, instead of will be, using the office position to “throw mud, put in prisons, to fine all who does not dance under their pipe or thinks in another way.

In Minsk holidays have passed normally, but could be and it is much better. The weak data structure of actions and huge counteraction of the authorities in Minsk has affected. Despite it the Holiday has taken place. Theatrical actions with participation of coming nearer and leaving groups of militia, round dances from the same militiamen, amicable exclamations of joyful citizens about any ugly creature and about freedom overflowed the areas and streets of a city of Minsk.

What is next?

It is necessary to take lessons.

Lesson the first. Huge explanatory work with the population is necessary. This is main, basic and most difficult problem of progressively adjusted part of a society. 90 % of the population or are intimidated, of made a fool by Lukashenka’s propagation and are not ready to active actions in protection of the rights and legitimate interests.

Lesson is second. In Belarus there is no real, strong structure population broad supported? Creation of such structure will demand time, means and the most important of new people. The majority of politicians from “were” really are politically-bankrupt persons. All parties together taken are not capable to lead behind themselves even 5 % of the population. It is gold fund of the nation. Despite of everything, they have survived and still exist. Basic of them (parties) – the Belarus popular front, loses the positions every day. Internal conflicts, corruption, Z.Poznjaka’s destructive position has led to mass outflow of members from this party and it is sharp to an uncooperative altitude of a great bulk of the population of Belarus to the given movement. BNF is necessary to be defined in the main thing – whose interests represent the given movement – of separate leaders BNF; it is belarussian the population of republic or the majority of the people of Belarus. Role of BNF depends on the decision of this question in the future of our country – as basic political force, or as small, but the branched out organization which it is today.

Without dependence from a position of the basic parties of Belarus, it is necessary to create new the movement, the new structures which have been not burdened with influence of “old” politicians and dogmas. 21.07.99 was check «on epiclesis». Those who were this day with the people have executed the civic duty, all other – casual people in the politician and have no right to name “opposition”.

Lesson is the third. The problem of «lukashizm» cannot be solved democratic by for one day or year. It is necessary to prepare for long and difficult struggle, struggle, first of all, for minds of people.

Lesson is the fourth. In Belarus there is no real command capable to operate the state in new market conditions. It is necessary to speed up today already work regarding training of Belarusian youth abroad to government bases.

Conclusions are:

21.07.99 holiday has taken place. On July, 21st, 1999 still will be a national holiday – The Day of struggle for independence of dictatorship. 21.07.99 has referenced point of the newest history of our distressful Native land.

Without creation of the new public formations, the new regional structures operated leaders «new sample», mass release of leaflets, preparation of young shots in government, large-scale propaganda of the population, clarification of leading parties from destructive leaders a problem, of «lukashizm” you will not solve.

To hope for a case (all understand what) it is possible, especially this case can and be accelerated. A problem is not in it.

“Opposition” has one, in my opinion, the big error. All its energy is directed on watering by dirt of the former president and the organization of small meetings and pickets. This is necessary business, but ineffective. Lukashenka is only “weather vane”. We will remove it, all building remains and on its place will put other “weather vane”. It rotted through corruption and old communistic (fascist) dogmas the building remains. To pull down all building, and to the basis, simultaneously creating nearby new, stronger, from new materials is necessary. It is process not one year, but it should be begun already today.

Valery Levaneuski

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