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October 18th, 1999. Posted in Author's articles

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Poison-pen writers

In Belarus already began kind tradition to involve law-enforcement bodies and special services for elimination of political opponents to an existing mode.

Grodno is not an exception. Who passed on the given city 16.10.99 has paid attention to a large quantity of the armed and unaided people in the militia form. All departures from a city have been tightly closed. All Special services have been translated on a fighting order of watch. Many employees are caused from the house (16.10.99 target day – Saturday). «What is occurring? » – Inhabitants were perplexed. It has appeared, that operation on restriction of movement of Valery Levaneuski on territory of Grodno and area which has gathered on FREEDOM MARCH in Minsk approached to the culmination moment to distribute balls and sweets to children.

Chronicle of events:

9.10.99 it is found out external supervision over the person of special services with use of means and special technologies of supervision). Strange things have started to occur to my house and office phone.

16.10.99 approximately at 17.00 on departure from of Grodno A.Vasilieu’s car in which Valery Levaneuski as the passenger followed is detained. The car was loaded souvenirs for kiddies of Minsk. The detention report was not made, the reasons did not speak. On a question on the detention reasons, one of militiamen had been taken “bludgeon” with words: « Now we will issue resistance ». On a portable radio set the order – the car with the passenger has been received to deliver in Leninski District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno. The special accent has been made on the passenger. A formal occasion of detention – is drawing up of the administrative report for delivery for distribution of leaflets about FREEDOM MARCH. The report is made under article which provides …. the prevention or the penalty 1 minimum wages. While the report was made and “heart-felt” conversations were conducted (approximately hour two) have been prepared in October District Internal Affairs Department by of Grodno other very interesting documents. It appears on Levaneuski has come next Pen-poison letter as which affirms, that Valery Levaneuski has gone on trade-union affairs to Minsk for trade-union payments.

Well also that the reader will think. It is The same internal case of trade union. Article 23 of the law of Belarus «About trade unions» forbids the control of the state over trade-union payments. But the current legislation is visible on October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno does not extend. This Pen-poison letter has served as an occasion to Valery Levaneuski’s further detention and carrying out of investigatory actions already in October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno.

The most interesting consists in the following:

1) It any more the first similar poison-pen letter. On previous poison-pen letters checks were spent, infringements it is not revealed, the slanderer is not found.

2) Poison-pen letter is written 15.10.99 (the number is specified in it) to the Regional Department of Internal Affairs. 16.10.99 (on Saturday night) Levaneuski already interrogate in October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno, preliminary having spent its detention. Here it is efficiency. Those so complaints of citizens (with signatures) were considered by militia. Usually from the statement prior to the beginning of actions on it there pass 5-10 days.

3) On an envelope of Poison-pen letter there is no press of mail of the sender and the addressee.

I had a steady opinion that given Poison – pen letter was born in offices of the native Regional Department of Internal Affairs of Grodno. Why? It is technically impossible, passing a post office to transfer it in the Department of Internal Affairs Grodno Regional executive Committee The input in the Department of Internal Affairs is protected by the militiaman, an input only on admissions, the box for references of citizens is absent.

Here so. Write also consider!

About 23.00 I have been released, but as it have appeared for a short while. Having driven off by the car a half of kilometer, we have paid attention to group of cars with the blacked out glasses, following for us. We have tried to come off. It is useless. Minutes 20 we together with them rushed on city streets, woods and vicinities of Grodno. Having seen a police car, we have rushed off to it and have asked the help. The cars pursuing us have stopped in meters 150 from us. We have been asked to establish persons of persecutors. But the militia has refused to establish their persons (though in the given point was three police cars). To 23.30 us declared, that we are detained before operations group arrival. The operations group has arrived to 2 o’clock in the morning (I will remind, we were in of Grodno). And operas group from District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno! To us declared, that anonymous phone call in 1 night has arrived (!!!) That in the given car drugs contain. At first we detain (23.30), in one and a half hour the anonymous call about drugs (1.00) is distributed and for us come (2.00). The militiaman who has detained us, probably knew, that in one and a half hour there will be an anonymous call on drugs.

The car has been carefully searched; contents of all things are scrupulously copied. They have released us after 4.00, but again with support of « external supervision ». To come off again it was not possible, learnt bitter experience and not wishing to be arrested persons once again for search, for example mines, we have gone to sleep on houses. In the morning all has repeated. We were in wood – they in wood, we on need – they with cameras and video cameras, we behind them – they from us. Roads are surrounded. As a result to children we to Minsk and have not brought balls.

As spoke one cinema the hero – «For power it is insulting».

Hundreds professionals, mechanics, tens cars, budgetary money – all is thrown on to letting out one person from Grodno or to fabricate business. Decent, highly intellectual people force to be engaged in political investigation and “dirty”, custom-made work. Murderers and thieves will wait. And here with other opinion which is distinct from opinion by one all of the known impostor, it is necessary to isolate people.

The order, unfortunately, in militia, is above the law. And we know orders, who give.

I am not in insult on those militiamen who performed the work. And carried out it honesty. The problem – has been put not to let out me from a city – they it has executed. It is professional work. But to whom it is necessary? How many criminals could be exposed, if these people and means did not direct against progressively adjusted citizens.

Someone will tell, that in militia there are not enough professionals. And here we will look. I am assured, that poison-pen writers, written and telephone (if such were actually), will be found in the near future. I write corresponding statements to militia (data poison-pen writers do huge harm not only me, but also to the poor state budget). The Point of honor of our militiamen is to find these foul people.

Today me again cause the summons on next “case”. I have got used to it. And you?

Valery Levaneuski

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