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October 19th, 1999. Posted in Author's articles

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The reference to deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Dear sirs members of parliament, events happend 17th october in Minsk, and also their illumination in public funds of mass information of Belarus forces us to address directly to you with a statement sew estimations occurring in Belarus events.

The political changes of state system of Belarus made in last years can be qualified as actually revolution. In Belarus there is no division of the power into independent branches: executive, legislative and judicial, all completeness of the power is in hands of one person – is A.Lukashenka. Members of parliament of Belarus steal actually up and appointed an executive power. Courts are completely subordinated an executive power, judges are appointed and act in film decisions of the Ministry of Justice. Selective commission also are under the full control of officials, the past in local authorities has shown in the spring elections, that at boycott by voters of elections the appearance of voters made some percent, during too time the selective commissions have everywhere reported about 90 % on an appearance of voters. Public funds of the mass information also are at A.Lukashenka’s personal disposal, access of members of opposition to radio and a TV is closed. In Belarus law enforcement bodies are allocated by such powers, that infringement of human rights has turned to norm, to complain of wrongful actions of workers of law enforcement bodies there is no place and is useless. A.Lukashenka itself has allocated itself with the right to publish acts (decrees), at present A.Lukashenka in Belarus actually is not controlled by anybody. The republic half-budget is in its personal fund, at any moment it can to hide on forged charge everybody for a lattice, and even simply physically to eliminate (Vinnikava,Zaharenka, Ganchar and others).

The political and economic model of development in Belarus in accuracy corresponds to Stalin model of a state system which anywhere in the world of has not justified.

Belarus reminds at present the big backward collective farm, “chairman” tries to solve all questions, however from this nothing Belarus steadily turns out also moves to full economic crash, there is a falling of a standard of life of the majority of the population, the discontent of all people grows, social explosion becomes inevitable, a question only in time when it will occur.

After 21 july1999 actually “impostor” illegally keeping the power, term of its powers has expired A.Lukashenka, so all contracts which are signed by A.Lukashenka are illegal and cannot be recognized by the world community.

State mass media of Belarus showed events 17 October and thus underlined, that meeting from the very beginning had the Antirussian character. All it mismatches the validity. On meeting violation of the Russian flag really took place, but in our opinion this provocation has been arranged by special services of Belarus, that to compromise Belarusian opposition in the opinion of the Russian spectator. Belarus today, is 85 % population, speaking on Russian, the majority of population of Belarus considers: “There in Russia our brothers and sisters ”about any confrontation cannot be and speeches, however we against the contract about allied the states which initiator is A.Lukashenka. In the first its powers have ended, for the majority of belarussians it anybody, if it will manage to the second to transfer model of state system of Belarus to Russia the majority of you of members of the State Duma of Russia will appear in camps of Siberia, in the third if it will be possible to it will get access to“the nuclear button”it can turn back accident for all mankind. A.Lukashenka’s aspiration to make association with Russia speaks that having disorganized republic economy, having made weight of crimes, he tries to duck out for perfect acts, and trying »to hide» the Russian open spaces. A.Lukashenka can admit association with Russia only in that case if it becomes on“the Russian throne”. Negotiating process about association with Russia, is the auction sovereignty of Belarus, (process lasts some years), sense of these auctions that having finished republic to bankruptcy, he tries to receive new economic injections from Russia, hoping somehow to prolong an agony of the personal power. Government of Belarus has nothing to pay energy carriers delivered from Russia, actually such gratuitous deliveries Russia finances A.Lukashenka’s criminal mode, finances revival of a Stalin system in Belarus, finances his adventurous economic model of “the big collective farm”.

Dear Sirs, we address to your support. Do not trust A.Lukashenka’s propagation, he is very dangerous person both for us and for you!

Do not become hostages of his personal ambitions! Its purpose reception of dictatorial powers in the incorporated state if it is possible to it, all of us will have new “Stalin”, it will be our general trouble.


Yours faithfully

The chairman of republican strike committee of entrepreneurs

Member of political council of United Civil party,

Entrepreneur Valery Levaneuski

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