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October 9th, 1999. Posted in News from Belarus

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The telegramme to the President of Belarus

Alyaksandr Grigorevich!!! We invite you to take part in the March of Freedom which will take place on October, 17th, 1999 in Minsk. In Minsk the authorized meeting will begin at 14.00 on the area Bangalore, on crossing of streets of Surganov and Bagdanovich. If you wish to pass to a meeting place, come to 12. 00 on area of Kolas.

On meeting the workers serving, pensioners, mothers having many children, needy and jobless, teachers, physicians (or as you them name in a word – various rabble) and entrepreneurs (on yours – «lousy fleas») will come.

On October, 17th we will be not alone. On FREEDOM MARCH there will arrive members of parliament of many European countries and observers international human rights organizations. This day actions of solidarity with democratic Belarus will pass in a number of cities of the world.

On meeting you will have a unique possibility to be explained before people. Perhaps we together will find though a common sense particle in your behavior, decrees and decrees.

We hope, that this time you respond to our invitation and will not hide for army of militiamen and bodyguards (our invitation to meeting in of Grodno remains without the answer, and we so all waited for you).

Sorry, that I do not address to you with a prefix the President (on well-known to you to the reason).

Valery Levaneuski

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