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August 12th, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

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In the afternoon – the commission, at night – the prostitute and gangsters sits (pre-election passions)

That elections 2000 in Belarus on 90 % will be forged by the authorities at anybody from sane people does not raise the doubts. The question consists only in studying of scales and falsification mechanisms. Some stages it is the mechanism we will try to sound.

1 stage – is absence of the information.

Almost month as there is a pre-election company, the district commissions are generated, the statement of initiative groups comes to an end, there is a formation of the local commissions, petition for the future candidates is carried out, and Selective Codes with changes and additions on sale are not present. Moreover, one selective commission does not have selective codes in Russian new edition.

In one commission there are no forms connected with the selective company for filling in Russian. 80 % of the populations of Belarus speak in Russian, small discrepancy in transfer and the document is considered void. In the Belarus language forms are too the big rarity.

For what it becomes? And that we, voters, could not get in members of these commissions (selective) and be put forward in candidates.

2 stages – is formation of the district selective commissions.

The people who have been checked up by the power could get to the district selective commissions only.

On 99 % of the commission consist of workers of executive committees, «political supervisor» manufactures, heads of the enterprises and structures under control to executive committees.

For a public opinion deceit, the majority of them “is put forward” in the commission by petition of voters. As well as where there was this “gathering”: separate big history.

One of the candidates offered by us has got to the district commissions.

Formation of the district commissions passed in the strict secret.

3 stage -is  not performance of the duties by members of the district commissions.

For an example we take the Grodno Zanemansky district Selective Commission №51.

Supervises over it somebody Hljabich Vladimir Andreevich, is the new cinema manager “October”, and the deputy of the Grodno country council, on hearings having “shoulders” in executive committee. (Ph. 2-60-28 the office, 33-91-83 house.).

Yes, yes that cinema known for the night club named in the people “Owl” – a place of gathering of gangsters, prostitutes, softeners and representatives of the government.

It is put forward in district commission Hljabich by petition of citizens (!!?). Interestingly: signatures gathered at night or in the afternoon?

There are two very interesting details. The district commission is on one floor with “Owl”. The entrance door of the commission is located directly at an input in a hall, some kind of an intimate booth for solitude.

In the afternoon the commission, at night – prostitute and gangsters sits. Or on the contrary. Or all together. It is difficult to understand. All has mixed up. At district level, at country level.

Other place for an arrangement of the district commission, except friends party, in a city is not present? Or the friend has not allowed settling down the commissions in other place? Conveniently, all nearby – is vodka, girls, the commission. Whom you want that and have.

The second detail: the vice-president of the district commission – operating affairs of administration of October of Grodno is Vanzha Jeanne Vasilevna.

According to item 5 of item 42 of the Selective Code, the District commissions are obliged to promote the organization of promotion of candidates.

But for the given commission the law not wrote. Three times we visited the given commission, three times asked to assist in Statement drawing up on registration of initiative group on promotion of the candidate. Three times were refused. Result: the commission has given up in registration of initiative group of Alyaksandr Vasiloeu (ph. 0152 (72-61-19) because of errors in the statement. A.Vasilieu’s new statement any more will not submit, since have expired terms of a filing of application. We had an impression, that the given commission is artificial creates obstacles to promotion of candidates and protects interests of one of candidates which has registered the first, registration of other candidates is artificial detains.

Writing-books of the account of statements and references in the given commission are not strung together and not numbered, not registered anywhere.

Hljabich V. A at conversation with citizens behaves very roughly and defiantly. To remarks does not react, completely ignores the rights and legitimate interests of voters. After conversation with it, You would be desirable to answer them on there slang «hey brother, on whom long loafs you crumble»

Here such we have in Grodno the district commissions.

On wrongful actions of Hljabich and its commissions are handed in corresponding statements.

Continuation follows.

Valery Levaneuski

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