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June 4th, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

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Conspirators are against

On June, 3rd, 2000 there has passed session of Political council of United Civil party (UCP). On the given Political council the Member of Political council, Chairman of UCP on the Grodno area Valery Levaneuski has been excluded from the party.

The given question on an exception of party was not in the agenda, but it was the basic question of the given Political council. That the given decision will be accepted, the author of these lines guessed thanks to clever people still two weeks ago. In May, 2000 there was a “confidential” session of political “party” from leaders of opposition. The basic question: how to get rid of the young, energetic and basic political competitor. The known intriguer in political circle, the former chairman of Grodno regional executive committee Simeon Domash was the initiator of the given meeting.

It has put all that Simeon Domash applies for a role of the leader of the Belarus nation. For this purpose he personally uses old communications. And the main thing, public organizations which in a consequence have made a basis of “the Grodno initiative” and resource centre “Town hall” are created. It is impossible to tell, that these organizations do nothing, but their basic purpose is a creation political and material resources for returning to Simeon Domasha’s power.

I have declared openly that I against coming to power of such people as Simeon Domash because the mode which they will establish in Belarus will be much worse than the present. These people were already at the power, they have already shown, that never can refuse communistic methods of a management. It is my civic stand. Today some people considering with leaders are cowards who are afraid of open political strike. Everything, on what they are capable is, unfortunately, a writing poison-pen letters, blooming of gossips and, of course, an intrigue that is an easy method to purpose achievement.

Today non-party Simeon Domash orders in Grodno BNF, Social democrats and still some organizations. The management of many organizations’ depends on Simeon Domasha and “Town hall”.

The basis of Grodno party organization UCP is made by entrepreneurs. They have own means for work, operate according to the Charter and do not require Simeon Domash’s help.

Regularly, about time in three months, attempts to re-elect management of UCP on the Grodno area are undertaken. But all of them are unsuccessful. Party members do not recognize leaders whom to them impose Domash through management of UCP in Minsk.

On Political council 3.06.2000 the question was solved: “Or you, Levaneuski, will leave voluntary from a post of the Chairman of regional organization UCP, in favor of the person from Domash or we will exclude you from the party”. Besides, demanded to write the statement for it immediately. As if on command there were members of Political council (basically the former deputies of the Supreme body) and spoke about what a bad Levaneuski is, told the interesting histories based on hearings. Second time in a life I saw as openly lay and ) perverted the facts Anatoly Lebedzko (Chairman of UCP), A.Dabravolski (the deputy chairman UCP) hid eyes, saying the ardent speech which has come to the end with the requirement to exclude Levaneuski of party.

The mister respected by me V.Shlyndikau (the deputy chairman UCP), two hours prior to the performance with the similar requirement, was not ashamed to take at Levaneuski the donation for party needs.

How it is possible to look at people with running eyes? It is good, that many have still a conscience. Really, the policy is “dirty business” and, therefore much from present on Political council had to follow the tastes of circumstances. I hope, that it will not turn to norm.

The note: according to A.Lebedzko, having excluded Political council from the party Levaneuski it is possible to oust automatically the Chairman of Grodno Regional organization UCP, and also to exclude from members of Political council from 3.06.2000, that contradicts the Party charter.

The head has paid attention to illegality of the given decision of Political council Central control- revision committee UCP, present on Political council. But nobody considered its opinion.

Such action is the roughest infringement of principles of Democracy and Charter UCP. If today party members openly break the Charter there is no guarantee, that tomorrow they will not break the Constitution. Because, first, I am selected by a member of Political council at Congress UCP (supreme body) and only Congress can deprive of me these powers. Secondly, the given question (about an exception of party) was not discussed in primary organization UCP, in city UCP and in regional organization UCP.

Levaneuski Valery considers the Political council decision is illegal, and has submitted a declaration of accession in UCP. It is accepted at meeting of the primary organization in members of UCP and will stand on a post of the chairman of regional organization UCP at the nearest party conference. To the resolution of conflict, vice-president UCP on the Grodno area Alexander Vasilieu will supervise over the party organization on the Grodno area.

In such extreme situations people are learnt. The given Political council has removed from many people of “mask”. There is a political strike. It is offensive for party, that the exception of party members Valery Levaneuski and discharge from a management of Regional organization UCP, is initiated by non-party Simeon Domash. In the letter from 8.05.2000 years Simeon Domash in the categorical form has demanded once again from Bogdankevich S.A., Lebedzko A.V., Dabravolski A.A., Shlyndikov V. M to release from a management of the Grodno regional organization UCP of Levaneuski V.S..

The whole command on misinformation distribution is created. The portrait of the rowdy and the destroyer of opposition is created. A task in view: to exclude Levaneuski from the various organizations and a political life. There is a distortion of the various facts, but it will not prevent realization conceived by new young political force.

Whether remembers management UCP how Domash has evaded from participation in the company which was spent by opposition in 1999? It is a question of “presidential elections”. Whether understands management UCP, what Simeon Domash uses them in the politics tricks, involving in the conflict of new people and the organization? Whether considers management UCP, what, making advances with Domash, they will soon lose the face and will turn to same political “impotent men” as he is?

At some leaders of opposition are absolutely inconsistent purposes and problems. At one: to re-elect Lukashenka and to take his place, and at us -is not only to select new parliament and the president, but also to create system at which dictatorship basically will be impossible. There is no opposition “Levaneuski – Domash”, and there is a contrast of ideologies which they protect.

4.06.2000 Valery Levaneuski

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