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June 17th, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

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“Guest performers” (It is almost the play)

“If such as you come to the power, my children do not have future,” – mum having many children has told to Alyaksandr Dabravolski.

Characters are:

A.Dabravolski: the vice-president of United Civil party (UCP), the former deputy of the Supreme body, the visitor from Minsk.

E.Lobanovich: the young Chairman of Executive committee of UCP, the visitor from Minsk.

G.Osipova: former chairman of UCP on the Grodno area till 1998, has left from a post, having been disappointed in party.

G.Raspopov: the former head of Grodno city organisation UCP till 1998.

The note: Osipova and Raspopov have left from posts of chairmen voluntary, having given up as lost party, having left after themselves tens “dead souls”, ostensibly party members, in a life of party did not accept any participation, and party leadership requests ignored.

“Old” party members: the aged people who are “reputable” – Raspopov, and some more people, the majority from which have recollected Osipov party only on the eve of elections.

“Delegates of conference”: is mass meeting – young and not so the young men familiar and unfamiliar (who and when them selected delegates – is remains secret).

“Forbidden”: Members of UCP across Grodno and the Grodno area, members of National Committee of UCP, management of UCP on Grodno and the Grodno area, members of the auditing commissions – people whom have forbidden participating in conference (more than 80 % from the general number of members of UCP).

“Protection”: two young men who supervised that on conference “forbidden” were not

S.Domash: the former chairman of Grodno regional executive committee, the former member of the Supreme body, four years the unemployed, considers itself as opposition, one of which in cost more than 20.000 dollars drives about on the foreign cars. During a finding at the power has got on cheap stuff the smart house in city centre, the decision of court the transaction is recognized by illegal, but on not clear circumstances the decision which has entered validity of court is not executed. Arrests, searches and other troubles to which the majority of people of opposition in of Grodno is exposed, always avoid S.Domash. He is friend of Lebedzka and Dabravolski, the main initiator of removal of Levaneuski from party posts. Now S.Domash -is the non-party though has kept all habits of the old party functionary and wishes to come to power again.

Town hall: Huge “grantosos” (the category of people simulating any activity for reception of external financing), the resource centre, helps public organizations, under condition of their submission to S.Domash and “the Grodno Initiative”. “The Grodno Initiative” is created by the former workers of an executive power for their returning in the power, works under private protection of local authorities and lives at the expense of trustful western and American tax bearers.

“The Grodno initiative”: is the public association, created by S.Domash and A.Milinkevich (Town hall). It tries to dictate by various ways the will to political parties, public movements and to trade unions. It creates visibility of association of oppositional forces. It is active resistance to the public and other associations which are not entering in “Grodno initiative” shows. It is formed for creation of political conditions of coming to power of Domash and the people approached to it.

It lives at the expense of trustful western and American tax bearers.

Many members of the organizations entering in “the Grodno initiative”, are still members of ten organizations of this structure.

Scene of action: is Grodno, Budyonny’s street 48a. The town hall, 23.

Prologue: History (short course): 1998. Entrepreneurs declared creation of own party and have started to prepare for it. Management of Incorporated Civil party has met then the initiator of creation of the given party, Valery Levaneuski and has offered: “What for to you to create the party, we are yours, UCP is a party for entrepreneurs. In Grodno in general is full” a brothel “. Osipova and Raspopov in party are not engaged, there is a formal structure. Help us, Levaneuski, head this site of work, after all we do a common cause, we struggle with a mode”.

He has agreed. It was two years of work. The party was entered by entrepreneurs, it has got good image. In Grodno the party structure was completely updated. It was full self-financing. There were large protest actions in Grodno and in Belarus. It was scale charitable actions. UCP began to be respect. Young men have come to party with the money and thoughts. “Grandfathers” from UCP did not expect such. They have got used «to exploit” the person and to throw out.

It was necessary to do something. The youth have comes. Approximately from the beginning of 2000 the wave of reprisals to new politicians from the party … has gone. “former”, present oppositionists.

The first attempt of party “revolution” in Grodno has been undertaken by management of UCP in the beginning of spring of 2000. It was failure. Nominee of Raspopov has completely failed, and party members have trusted Levaneuski. Moreover, at the congress he have been selected a member of Political council. Democraticly to remove Levaneuski it was impossible. In Grodno people to him trust more than “minsk citizens”. The “old” mechanism thought up still by communists has been started: the slanderous company, anonymous letter and removal by Political council from a post by anonymous letters. And also convocation of formal conference from the, in advance prepared people, and election of a new party management on the Grodno region.

The first: Levaneuski entered party UCP, instead of in servants to Lebedzka, Dabravolski and similar.

The second is: slanderers will answer in a judicial order. Plot will not pass. And Levaneuski will act both against an existing mode, and against arising, more terrible and unpredictable, Lebedzka-Domash’s. Do not forget, that once Lukashenka-Domash-Lebedko, etc. were one command on cheating the people. They in 1996 have not divided something and have run up. But methods and means for purpose achievement remained with them absolutely identical. One they have calculated truly, that to elections in National meeting Levaneuski will not have time to register new party. But unless the life comes to an end with autumn of 2000. There will be still presidential elections; there will be elections in new parliament in four years. This year it is possible to participate in Parliamentary elections by petition. In any case, entrepreneurs will oppose dishonorable people, irrespective of their accessory to the power or to opposition.

16.06.200 evening, 22.30. A call by phone: “Valery (Levaneuski), greetings! Tomorrow will come” minsks “you will be removing, do you know? You do not? So know, report-back election conference of UCP on Grodno area is appointed on in” the Town hall “,it is full privacy”.

17.06.2000 in the morning. We ring round party members. Nobody knows about forthcoming conference.

17.06.2000 11.40.It is a town hall. The management of Grodno regional and city organization of UCP, revision committees have gathered, members of National Committee, chairmen of primary organizations of UCP, i.e. who has learnt all about conference in the morning 17.06.2000(“forbidden”). Discuss a question: who has called conference and why more than 80 % of party about it know nothing.

17.06.2000 11.50. “Town hall”. Come “minsks”. They see Levaneuski. Fases come redden. It is easy confusion.

“Minsks” speak to «Forbidden”: “And we did not invite you!?”.

“Forbidden” answer: “We quietly will sit anything we will not speak”.
Levaneuski addresses to “minsks”:

- I officially declare to you, that here there are party members, directing bodies of UCP of Grodno and the Grodno area, members of revision committees, members of National committee and Political council of UCP and member ЦКРК. And it would be quite good to me to act. Conference is report-back election. I should report to conference.

Easy confusion.


- Are You not the party member!?


- I do not agree with the Political council decision. But while the question on competency of the decision of Political council will be solved, I have handed in the statement in UCP and have entered its numbers of the primary organisation.


- We do not know your primary organizations.

The Levaneuski:

- Five months ago we to you, in party executive committee, have submitted documents on creation of 8 (eight) primary organizations of Grodno.


- And we have not registered them.


- Why?


- We do not want.


- But primary organizations according to the Charter operate from the moment of formation, instead of from the moment of registration by executive committee of UCP.


- I am a lawyer i have other opinion on the given question.

- Then why you have instantly registered three “lime” primary organizations of Grodno, that were formed, passing the city organization. Data primary organizations are formed not by members of UCP and meetings on their creation were not spent, since reports on their creation are not given till now in Grodno city and regional organization of UCP.


- You can complain. But these primary organizations also are today the basic participants of conference. And that the overwhelming majority of party members is not notified on conferences – is not problem.


12.00. “Мinsks” whisper to “old party members” and “delegates”. Leave the “Town hall” premise, behind them silently leave “old” and “delegates”.


- Let us will look, where they from us escape?

Being guided on quickly leaving backs of the fugitives, “forbidden” approach to a new place of holding conferences, an organization premise “Rada 23″ (Domash, the Town hall, Grants, Poguliaeu), located on the other hand buildings.

They are met by two good fellows, so-called “Security”.

To “Security” is ordered not to let in “forbidden”.


- Yes, yes, them do not let in!

Vasilieva N. (a member of Central Control-revision committee of UCP):

- But this infringement of the Charter because party members, members of National Committee, members of revision committees and Councils have the right to be present on all party actions, especially on report-back election.

Dobrovolsky orders to “Protection”:

- I have told not to let them in!


- We have closed conference here.

Remark about doors:

- Can we will remove them and “Security” trousers and we will clap after the priest.

“Security” sacredly departs aside. “Мinsks” and “delegates” redden even more. Such impression, that many of “delegates” are ready to take off trousers voluntary.

Not all understand English humor.

Dabravolski has become kinder and has allowed to be present to member ЦКРК at conference.

“Well though for these thanks,” – have told “forbidden” and have gone surprised on houses. The party did not know such degree of secrets from the moment of its creation.

Let’s go the limit!:

In the beginning of conference Raspopov has once again suggested to make its closed and not to start up on the given conference of members of the National Party committee, a city and regional revision committee, heads regional, city and the primary organizations. “Delegates” unanimously have supported it. Why? Yes because all event was pure water “linden”.

Somebody A.Poguljaev (the Town hall, Domash, Grants) has suggested spending at once and city conference of UCP Nobody was confused with that fact, that the decision on city conference should be accepted for 10 days prior to it and the special representative on that by body.

“Let’s go the limit! “, – “Delegates” have solved and have spent city conference from itself. They have selected to itself a management of the city organization: Poguliev and his company. Then the basic part of all time told about what a bad Levaneuski and what a good Domash.

Member of ЦКРК has asked to show her reports of promotion of delegates on the given conference and other documents connected with this action. They have not shown.

They Have chosen a new management of the regional organization. How do you think, who has won on “elections”? It is correctly: Raspopov and Osipova! Yes, those leaders who have finished two years ago party to “handle” and have withdrawn

As to “delegates” of conference and new elective bodies for last two years these people for party have not made anything. An exception makes only a few people from Smorgon and Ostrovets.

And, all who carried out charitable actions, protest actions, worked on image of party, gave the money for party needs, was exposed to reprisals from the authorities – remained behind a door.

The conclusion is:

As well as it was supposed, in Grodno now there will be two regional and two city organizations’. Preparation for “revolution” prepared for a long time. Were registered “lime” primary organizations , the presents were not registered. New party members were accepted by central office of UCP, passing the primary organizations “conversations” with members of “Political council” were spent.

Secret negotiations were conducted for a long time.

And now let’s think. The discontent with A.Lukashenka’s policy grows and will grow because he does not understand (or does not wish to understand) common truths. On it politicians who name politicians of “the New wave” wish to play. A new wave in an old bog?! How many they were! Look at them attentively. ere are old party functionaries. They are unemployed for a lot of years. They drive on smart foreign cars, go with cellular telephones, months sit abroad on banquets and receptions. We will help them to take Lukashenka’s place? What will they make, when will come to the power? In the beginning will plant all those who “offended” them. Then will plant all those who helped them. Then will live happily, as well as before. There is a struggle for “feeding trough”, and we voters in this game of a pawn. It they so think. But they, as always, are mistaken.

First, politicians of new generation (not a new wave in an old bog) have come. These people never were at “feeding trough”, are able to work and earn money, think of how our children will live further in this country.

Secondly, the pawn has a possibility to “grow”. In total some combinations and the pawn becomes the Queen. And we wish everyone to try themselves in the policy. Otherwise such as Lukashenkas, Domashs, Lebedzka, Dabravolskis, etc. will supervise still for a long time over us. They – are one of our kinds. It is necessary to plough this field.

Today A.Lebedzka rushes about between the USA and Russia in search of the help to hiself.

Originally such as they shouted: “Glory of the CPSU!”, then “down with the Russian imperialism!”, now “Live Belarus”. Now they go with the stretched hand to “imperialists”. We, entrepreneurs of Belarus, really, were mistaken in Lebedzka. He is the usual liar, the talker and merry fellow. Same, as A.Lukashenka. They place on a history dump.

In the third, the history course cannot be stopped. It can be slowed down or accelerated. Let’s accelerate. Lukashenka to re-elect- is necessary, let’s think, who will replace it. And the new people who have been not spoilt by the power and old corrupted communications should come to power. Otherwise at our children it will not be valid the Future.

The Belarus entrepreneurs on the nearest republican Strike Committee will consider questions on stay of support of management of UCP, separate members of the former Supreme body, about assignment for the organization of their information support.

Congress of New Party of Belarus is planned for August, 28th, 2000 in Grodno.

The offers under the Charter, the party program, you can send demands for a party joining to the address: 230005, of Grodno-5, p.o. 63 Organizing committee.

Alexey Rukomojnikov.

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