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March 12th, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

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Sasha has forgot how to read?.. Or from me half-liter

Apparently Sasha has decided to answer my reference to entrepreneurs and heads of the organizations about the financial help in business to struggle for democracy and has solved at the expense of means of the state budget to advertise bulletin “Employer”, my Surname, my reference. For similar advertising on the central TV, it would be necessary for us to lay out at least ten-fifteen thousand dollars. Here it is an initiative. It is an example for imitation. If everyone gives us on such sum we much we can make.

After broadcast of “Resonance” I am filled up by offers on the financial help, demand for my letters has sharply grown also we them we have not time to print. The following step should be behind the state newspaper the Soviet Belarus which is simply obliged to print all my references and statements.

I always considered Sasha as the usual talker. But I see that was mistake. He is «our PERSON” in another’s command.

I am assured, that Sasha on TV is not alone, “the support group» is there, which is in constant search of ways of rendering to us the help there entrepreneurs.

Inviting all on TV, Sasha did not think, that someone will agree to meet him and to his similar, on the air. So, Alexander, I am ready to accept your offer and in quality of gratitude for super advertising from 12.03.2000 and to allocate an hour of personal time every week for performances on BT, including in transfer “Resonance”. I think, that in the following transfer “Resonance” 19.03.2000 we will discuss our joint further actions on struggle against hated both of us mode.

Valery Levaneuski

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