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September 17th, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

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Again about “dirty” technologies

In the newspaper «Soviet Belarus» the Decision of the Central Commission of Belarus at elections and carrying out of republican referenda about an order of use of public funds of the mass information on September, 13th, 2000 is published from 11.09.2000 “by preparation and elections of deputies of the House of Representatives of National meeting of Belarus”
In point 6 which regulates an order of performance on TV and broadcasting of candidates, it is spoken:

«… The District selective commissions after registration of candidates of the House of Representatives spend a toss-up to two-day term between candidates by definition of date of performances of each candidate.

On participation in toss-up candidates of the House of Representatives submit the statement to the corresponding district selective commission next day after registration, but not later than September, 15th, 2000 ».

I.e. all candidates registered after September, 15th, 2000, for example, registered after protest of decisions of the district selective commissions about refusal in registration by the candidate to act on TV and by radio cannot.

The given position contradicts item 46 of the Selective Code of Belarus in which it is told:

«… Candidates for Presidents of Belarus, in deputies of the House of Representatives, in deputies of local Councils of deputies, political parties, other public associations, labor collectives, the citizens who have put forward candidates, since time of registration of candidates for the equal rights use public funds of the mass information …»

On official data more than 200 (approximately the one fourth part from the general number handed in corresponding statements) candidates “are eliminated” by the district selective commissions on formal and far-fetched signs.

The figure two hundred raises certain doubts. Only on of Grodno about 70 % of the persons who have handed in the statements for the consent to stand by the candidate remained “are smoothed out” by local authorities. More than 40 appeals are submitted on one Grodno area (in Belarus 6 areas and Minsk). And how many people have not appealed against Decisions of the district selective commissions? I think, that figure of the “forbidden” candidates it is ready above officially published figure.

For what it becomes? All is very simple. According to the given decision of the Central commission, practically all objectionable authorities candidates even if them will rehabilitate, remain without TV and radio, will lose at least 10 days of pre-election campaign. Here to you and equal possibilities.

By us it is handed in the corresponding statement with the request to change the given decision

(It is possible to familiarize with the statement text to the address:

Whether it will lead to positive result? We will look. But nobody will return missed time for propaganda of voters to the restored candidates.

Strange affairs are created and in the most central selective commission which refuses to accept by fax the references of citizens directed on changes of their illegal decisions. That at them is not present a paper for a fax the heads do not allow.

Interesting results are of “elimination” of candidates. “Leaders” of “race” appear. To them the district commissions did not have any questions. They are employees of law enforcement bodies (regular and non-staff), military men, and regional committee’s and nearby regional committee’s workers – of 70 %, 20 % – the entrepreneurs approached to the power and “Afghans”, 10 % – the others.

Already go full speed of propaganda of the first 90 % of candidates from the power, an expenditure of money resources on these purposes to infringement of the Selective Code. But the district selective commissions amicably close on it eyes. For example: on all city of Grodno, and on the building of the District Selective commission №53 15.09.2000 years the propaganda leaf of supported by the given district commission and the Grodno authorities, the candidate of the Particle hung. Money is not allocated yet, and materials already hung up. I will remind, for those who does not know, propaganda materials can be made only on the means allocated with the selective commission.

The candidate from the authorities, somebody Auramchyk, the deputy the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs Grodno regional executive committee «forced» militiamen and those went in shape and collected for it signatures. And, petition passed in an original way. The author of these lines to that the witness. Petition was made in the organizations dependent on the Department of Internal Affairs. For example, in one hostel for “convicts” the captain of militia called up all living in the given hostel, and showed, where it to subscribe in subscription lists. In the given sheets have already been put down: a surname, a name, a patronymic, year of a birth, a series and passport number, and other necessary given persons, signing the given document. Nearby there was an official of the given hostel. Nobody refused to sign for the colonel of militia, and, try, refuse – will send on “zone”. Such examples are of “gathering” of signatures weight. Like militia should be out of a policy? No, all the same “climb”, and, crowds!

Separate theme -is “Afghans”. It is strangely enough, but they stand on many districts, their representatives are included in many selective commissions, and problems at them are not present. I faithfully concern these people, but at many of them the mentality is strongly changed. Blood, daily murders of people, destruction of cities and villages. They will accept what laws?

It is clear, that at them the big lobby high militia and military ranks. But the parliament cannot consist of one militiaman, workers of special services, Afghans, military men and workers of “vertical”. All of them will accept laws by order of from the commander-in-chief (A.Lukashenka). Discipline at them in blood.

Or to the power the junta is torn?


Valery Levonevsky

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