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October 27th, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

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To deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Valery Levaneuski’s reversal to Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, to the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Belarus.

Dear sirs

I am compelled to revert to you with the letter concerning the past in Belarus of parliamentary elections, their assessments from some politicians of Russia.

As the direct participant of the elapsed selections, trying to register as the candidate participating in overseeing by a course of selections in the capacity of the spectator, I tender you the assessment of a political situation in Belarus and the elapsed selections, being grounded on the concrete facts prized “from inside” of the most selective process.

In the early nineties we were as a part of one state and almost all in our life was equal. For the elapsed years Belarus and Russia have gone miscellaneous paths, they became absolutely miscellaneous under the social system.

In Belarus the corrupt command system existing in days of Soviet Union today is completely reactivated. Here all are decided by one person, the President of Belarus Alexander Grigorevich Lukashenka. As of today in his hands are centered executive, legislative and judicial authorities. In Belarus mass media (the television, wireless and large newspapers) are monopolized by the state. Some oppositional issuing have concerning small circulation and are permanently subjected to persecutions from the state organs.

In Belarus the majority of firms -are state. Substantially, any privatization was not. Though in words the country leaders support entrepreneurship, but in practice it combats it.

Belarus is today an enclave of communism, in the middle Europe; many singularities of its state system resemble the North Korea. Both any communist state and regulations existing in Belarus cannot exist without dissent depressing, without monopolization of mass-media, without improper ballot procedures or of their carrying out with violation of the conventional international norms of the selective legislation.

We consider, that the government of Belarus defaults conditions at which one the European communities could consider the parliamentary elections corresponding to international norms of democracy, openness and publicity, namely:

- The confidence climate is not created. Political opponents of present authority expose to criminal, administrative and diverse pursuit;

- The selective code mismatches international standards, does not ensure an openness, publicity and a transmittance of selective process;

- there are no oppositions in mass media;

- The parliament of Belarus is not allotted really by authorities.

The president of Belarus A.G.Lukashenka direct during selections has stated that he has executed all arrangements, both with opposition, and from OSCE. It is falsehood. We, citizens of Belarus, have already got used to daily lies «from Lukashenka».

On September, 29th the speaker of the State Duma of Russia Gennady Seleznev on the Cross-over of Advices of Belarus has expressed the judgment, that in Belarus all conditions for valid and democratic selections are created. Besides, in the beginning of September the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has voiced the variance with an assessment of the situation in Belarus US State department, and also has estimated framed conditions of holding election in Belarus corresponding to international norms of democracy.

In connection with told, it would be desirable to ask communist Gennady Seleznev and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia: «Ground that they have drawn a conclusion, what selections in Belarus free and democratic? Ground personal meeting with Alexander Grigorevich Lukashenka?» We know, that he can tell much, he in 1994 so has much promised to the voters, that today he cannot “recall” in any way.

We saw the Russian spectators – it is complete formalism, instead of supervision. They were drove on some districts, have stayed there for 5 minutes, smiled and have left. In the opinion of these spectators it was visible, that supervision to them for «one place».

Whether communist Seleznev and misters from Russian knows the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that nearby in opposition tuned 250 candidates have not been accepted to participation in an election by a failure method in filing as candidate on the formal causes. Personally to me it has been refused in filing on the ground that I, ostensibly, have not indicated a wood constitution (W.C.) on my rate. To my colleagues it has been refused in filing on the ground that they, ostensibly, have hidden from circumferential electoral commissions the accessory to any political party in spite of the fact that they never entered this lot. They stated, that do not belong to any lot, and was not for the commission of the deeds confirming their entrance into this lot. To the mother having many children having two higher educations, have refused because she has not indicated a district committee of the job public organization in which one she “works” on public principles. If communist Seleznev was the citizen of Belarus and had “imprudence” to voice the variance with a policy of the President of Belarus he would hit in agendas of the “forbidden” candidates and would be never registered as the candidate, let alone his election.

Under control to the Government of Belarus of mass-media have reported, that the spectator from Italy signor Santori has been touched, when has heard on electoral district songs Chelentano (the “Soviet Belarus” from 17.10.2000.) In the same article which one author is Lyudmila Masljukova, she assures that Italians have not found that voters tired out on electoral districts «under mouths of automatic control units». She also writes: «the Solitary judgment with Italians was voiced by the Russian members of parliament watching selections in ranges. Very miscellaneous people and politicians have converged in an assessment: deputies of the State Duma Alexander Sizov (bunch« Fatherland – is all Russia »), Gasan Mirzoev (the unit of the right forces »), Vyacheslav Igrunov (« the Pome »), Svjtoslav Hawk (Communist Party of the Russian Federation), Franc Klinkevich (fraction” Unity “) and remaining voiced.»

Certainly, if some deputies of the State Duma of Russia, for the reasons, wish to believe A.G.Lukashenka’s official assurances it is very difficult to disabuse them of it. But we, citizens of Belarus, being directly participants of selective process, approve, that voters “tired out” on polling districts. Certainly, not under mouths of automatic control units, and under threats: to lose job, the salary, premium, a room in a hostel, an instruction (an education; learning) capability in HIGH SCHOOL etc. Personally it was necessary to hear about it from many voters. As proof of told, I introduce you a duplicate from the newspaper «Grodno truth» from 17.10 2000 where official data about outcomes transited 15.10.2000 selections in all three districts of Grodno have been published.

It will be easy to any of you to take the cost accountant and to calculate, that 30 % of the voters who have come on districts for voting, or have voted against all candidates or have spoilt intentionally reports.

There is a problem: «What for almost 40 000 from 120 000 voters went on polling districts if they did not wish anybody to select? »

Dear sirs, deputies of the State Duma of Russia, it is easy to you to recall, what percent of voters, by selections you personally, came on polling districts and for anybody did not poll? This digit in Russia and other countries seldom exceeds one percent!

On some polling districts of Grodno chairmen of the commissions have drawn a conclusion, that our voters such confused because come on polling districts it is not known what for!

I think, voters of Grodno (Belarus) and voters, for example, of Penza (Russia) in the schedule of intellect a little than differ. The fracturing behavior of the Grodno voter speaks very simply: him on polling district “have tired out” violently!

Thus, across all Belarus “have tired out” on districts about one and a half million voters. And how much was additions? Spectators have been deprived a capability to monitor a course of voting and behind a counting of votes (see Ponder: «What scale of this Farce? What scale of Falsehood? What mass of people is involved in it? Both officials of central election committee and Alexander Grigorevich Lukashenka try to convince world community those selections democratic. And you believe them? About it know and speak the majority of citizens of Belarus! » Only some politicians of Russia “are dummy and blind”. To them, especially communists, A.G.Lukashenka’s joining attempts “have dazzled”. He, the “combiner”, seems to some the strategic ally of Russia, he is – for regeneration of Soviet Union, to him it seems, that soon there will be a recombination of our people. However on A.G.Lukashenka’s our inclining for a role of the governor of the Belarus province as a part of Russia, he never will agree not in his nature.

Whether misters deputies of the State Duma of Russia know, that citizens of Belarus are more familiar with you, rather than with deputies of parliament of Belarus. By vision we see often, how in the Russian State Duma there is an arguing of any problems. That is done in parliament of Belarus we do not see and we do not hear. If for you in the State Duma ABT something argues, in the House of Representatives of Belarus “constructivism”, in a translation into Russian – it is the complete unanimity. On the same Cross-over of Advices 29.09.2000 in the presence of Gennady Seleznev A.G.Lukashenka has told, that deputies of the Belarus parliament: «Worked, prevented nobody». What is this parliament which one prevents nobody? Why the State Duma of Russia sometimes “prevents” the government of Russia?

The purpose conducted by A.G.Lukashenka 15.10.2000 in Belarus a selective Farce – is election of such deputies which one would not prevent him, A.G.Lukashenka.

Dear sirs, I speak in Russian, as well as 90 % of the population of Belarus. I experience sincere friendly feelings for brotherly Russian people, I consider impossible that in the future between our people there were any conflicting. However calls bitterness and regret that fact that some politicians of Russia by A.G.Lukashenka’s unconditional support contribute in conservation of the procommunist regulations established in Belarus. Such support objectively contributes in magnification of items of lots of nationalistic sense, in particular, the Belarus National front (BNF) which one state necessity of a control with the Russian imperialism, oppose Russia, against Russian. I consider that such support is an error and mismatches the state concerns of Russia and Belarus.

Sustaining A.Lukashenko, his policy of a fraud and falsehood, you grow in Belarus severe opposition for Russia. If you not support, A.Lukashenka’s regulations for a long time would collapse already, as he is kept exclusively for resources of the Russian tax bearers.

It is assured of inevitabilities of fall of regulations existing in Belarus, inevitability of democratic reforms in Belarus. I consider, that in the attitude future between our independent states should be amicable or even special (as, for example, to England and the USA) and I estimate separate applications of politicians in support of A.G.Lukashenka, as annoying incident of interference in internal affairs of the independent state Belarus.

Yours faithfully Valery Levaneuski


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