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September 9th, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

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The Society of the offended sectarians, Democratic parasites… Or once again about “boycott” of elections

On pages of some newspapers (not state), old Komsomol workers, former party bureaucrats, present “patriots” continually act. They name themselves that incorporated opposition, politicians of a new wave, initiatives. There is at us no incorporated opposition. There is a Belarus national front (BNF) and bores, type of present united civil party (UCP), the rests of the Supreme body 13 convocations. All together taken they unite no more than 1 % of the population of Belarus. As though they were not called, it is BNF under different sauces.

We build a civil society and are obliged to respect a position of all citizens, including these. But at BNF and their heads are not present the future. I know many present “oppositionists” personally. I assure you, very many unscrupulous and mercenary people. They very beautifully speak and write in newspapers. But affairs and thoughts they have absolutely others. They have transformed opposition into a rubbish pit. Have removed from “feeding trough” – everything, he already shouts, that it opposition. I them would name – the Society of the offended sectarians (SOS). Why sectarians? Who has visited at their meetings, those will understand me.

Why they do not participate in elections? The reasons are a little.

The first reason: nobody will choose them. To them do not trust. They do not have forces (impotent men) and means.

The second reason: it is not necessary to them. They so feels good without it . Under an aura of martyrs and fighters with a mode it is possible to receive means from trustful western investors. In the democratic state whom they will be? To whom former Komsomol worker Lebedzka or old party bureaucrat Domash is necessary? They anything to do are not able, only to “make a fool” the people. And such experts and to us are not necessary.

The third reason: under boycott of elections it is possible to receive huge means, from the same trustful western investors.

The fourth main reason: if elections pass democratically, the Supreme body 13 convocations nobody will recognize. And key posts in SOS are occupied with members of the given Supreme body, and they while supervise all financial streams going from the western countries and the USA on development of democracy in Belarus. Not-construction of a democratic society interests them, and the control over money, the big money. The basic difference of politicians of new generation from these “grandfathers” consists that we spend the personal means for democracy construction in Belarus, and they live at the expense of this movement. They are some kind of Democratic parasites.

The fifth reason: Lukashenka is favorable boycott of elections. The West and so does not recognize elections. All understand it. For the present power it is very important, that in parliament there have not passed democratically the adjusted people. They will be uncontrollable. And it is very dangerous to any dictatorship. Elimination of progressive candidates goes two ways. The first way by means of the “former” members of a command of A.Lukashenka, the same Lebedzka, is to declare boycott. Some people “have got” on this fishing tackle and have supported this crazy idea, have left game. Boycott is favorable the present power and for other reason. If to admit, that it will pass successfully, and deputies will not be selected, A.Lukashenka will have all bases to strengthen the power. He will declare, that the people do not trust parliament and, mean, the parliament is not necessary.

The second way – is elimination of candidates by means of the selective commissions and the Selective Code. Joint actions SOS, Democratic parasites and A.Lukashenka, really, will lead to that we will have “manual” regulatory authorities as early as more many years.

I will result some characteristic examples of an agony of “were”. On September, 7th, 2000 somebody Simeon Domash, the former chairman regional executive committee, nowadays active member of SOS, has given extensive interview to the newspaper «Information Stock exchange». It would be not necessary to pay attention to this person, but “arrivals” which have become frequent recently of such “oppositionists” as Simeon Domash on those who participates in elections, simply compel me to state some judgments about such politicians. “Arrivals” of such figures force us to combat on two fronts: with a present mode and with such “oppositionists”.

Several years ago we started to co-operate with Simeon Domash, in particular, him and me did not accept the mode established in the country. But this period was very short since to me and my adherents it became very fast clearly who such Simeon Domash. The former party functionary during the activity in Communist Party committees has well acquired party style and methods of activity and has decided it to use to the full in a new oppositional field. He began to demand unconditional performance of the instructions from those people who have anyhow supported its idea of creation of “the Grodno initiative». It became clear, that this organization has been created purely under Domash and in it it will not suffer any pluralism of opinions. A number of the organizations left «the Semenovsky initiative», there were only those organizations which are financially dependent on Simeon. For today in it about 25 members are basically representatives of BNF. When today Simeon asserts, that it ostensibly represents all opposition of the Grodno region then he lies. In the interview he has declared: «I the non-party …», that mismatch the validity. It is formal can and so, but actually “non-party” Simeon Domash together with former Komsomol functionary Anatoly Lebedzka (nowadays chairman UCP) has organised in Grodno liquidation of all objectionable it of party organizations UCP and “election” of pocket heads. Over a management Grodno BNF actually supervises ….non-party S.Domash. Neither Simeon Domash nor Anatoly Lebedzka has not get rid from itself of the party approach to heterodoxy. They consider as the enemies of all who thinks differently, than they.

Let’s result citations from Simeon’s interview where he concerning those who participates in elections “utters”: «I Consider, that it is full unscrupulousness and irresponsibility» or «They oppositionship is imaginary. They are not serious opponents of the power, especially its opponents». What concerning Statcevich, Bogdankevich, Chigir and other known politicians who have put forward the nominees on elections Simeon “broadcasts”: «The actions they already show, who they are actually. They also will hand over further the adherence to principles and oppositionship to the present power».

In the same spirit his former Komsomol “associate” Anatoly Lebedzka acts also, so in the newspaper National Will from September, 7th he declares : «crossing of interests of a mode and« contractual opposition Is available.’ It is necessary to hope, that this temporary phenomenon, and to presidential elections democrats, having released from casual fellow travelers, will appear the consolidated force». Certainly, it has defined, that “democrat” it, and all who not with it are casual “fellow travelers”.

That forces such “oppositionists” to concern with undisguised rage those who even in such “not democratic” conditions tries to inform to the people the truth that actually occurs in Belarus.

Many our citizens have questions: «Why among opposition there is no unity? In what the difference of their position is shown? » It is possible to answer these questions so. The difference of opinions among opposition is not a weakness sign, and a condition of that the people had a possibility of a choice among different ideas and offers. If to assume, that Domash and Lebedzka “privatize” an oppositional field it will be the precondition of that in the subsequent Lukashenka on change his former “associate” Lebedzka will come and will suppress also opposition as it does today Lukashenka. Besides, on variety of questions of principle we have with them the opposite points of view. For example, in due time on a question to Anatoly Lebedzka: «Than its position differs from position of BNF?» He has answered that anything! And concerning BNF it is possible to tell, that thanking their “activity” on elections 1994 Alexander Grigorevich has won, and he sometimes indirectly thanks them for support. Some will tell that it is nonsense, they did not want it! Wanted or did not want, it is other question, but after all have made! How? And here so! When in the beginning of 1990 thanks to efforts BNF the Belarus language has started to take root compulsorily, 90 % of the population of Belarus felt foreigners in the country, the violence has given a boomerang effect. Many my acquaintances then were indignant: «They have come from deaf villages any Komsomol leaders also learn us in what language to speak!» . Alexander Grigorevich, it is necessary to give to it due, it is masterful used this discontent in the pre-election company. Invaluable service is rendered by them to Grigorich and now. So, for example, at National Belarusian congress and in some editions of BNF the thought that they, representatives of BNF, are going to spend whether «disclosure of personal files», whether “castration” of those who co-operates with a present mode sounded. Personally it was necessary to hear, how active member of BNF, somebody Astrouski, declared: « When the power will exchange, we will break epaulets from those employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who, are anyhow involved in political reprisals ».I think, as the person to whom are going to cut out something after leaving «Grigorich» under the decision of”three”from BNF will behave. It will protect it though knows, that «Grigorich» has led the country up a blind alley. We consider, as employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, KGB, power structures and officials of level are citizens of our country. Many of them understand that the country goes not on that way. The majority of them highly educated experts of the business and managers, knowledge and which experience will be necessary at the future reorganization of Belarus. They are simply compelled at the present is command-management system to be» small screws» to state machinery.

In Belarus it will be impossible to achieve society consolidation if to arrange “dismantling” with its citizens on a question, who and as concerned the present president.

In it – is our basic difference from “were”. We wish to build a civil society for all citizens of Belarus, and not just for the elite. They already have made today “black” lists. They have forgotten, that their offenders have families, that it too citizens of our country with the problems, that they too people.
We are a opposition, 90 % of the population of Belarus dissatisfied with a policy of A.Lukashenka, and they are SOS, 1 % of the population, and is no more.

All flows, all changes. Can once for a long time “were” and were any progress in our society. Now SOS on a way democracy development in Belarus, and it is necessary to understand a brake all.

9.09.2000 Valery Levaneuski

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