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September 22nd, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

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Whether there is a Central Commission?

Such problem sets to itself each, from my acquaintances who has visited at its meeting 20.09.2000. This day meeting of Central commission of Belarus on selections and carrying out of referenda (Central Committee) has taken place. Complaints of the unfulfilled candidates of the House of Representatives of National assembly were considered. Complaints of leaders of democratic motion to Grodno Alexander Vasilieu’s, Marina Levaneuskaja’s were considered in the end of the working day. L.Ermoshina’s to all three, the chairman of Central Commission, has refused in implementing of their right to legal aid.

Their quoter, the term of the Grodno compartment of the Belarus Helsinki Committee, has not been accepted to involvement in the action at law under Complaints. This is roughest violation of item 62 of the Constitution of Belarus. And the solution on the prohibition in legal aid obtaining was accepted not by the commission, but personally L.Ermoshina. On all cases even the text of Complaints of aforementioned citizens was not led up to terms of the commission. Their arguments practically were not considered, and to Marina Levaneuskaja L.Ermoshina have individually prohibited supplementing the Complaint. Have read an inference of “specialists”, have set a pair of the formal problems and have voted. It is the pipeline. And push buttons “Start-up” and “Stop” are in hands of L.Ermoshina. As during old “kind” times. 1937. “Triple”. To “Shoot”. Who pro? Solidly. You are free.

The problem on the Commission who “has refrained” or who contra at voting was not set at all.

But we will return to our Grodno claimants. Why to them have refused in filing?

To Marina Levaneuskaja and Alexander Vasilieu have refused because of their accessory to a lot. The commission approves, that they have hidden the accessory (to United Civil party (UCP). What for have thrown A.Lebedzka’s such “pig” (chairman UCP) and his consensual community, having given agendas of party members in judicial authorities from «dead souls»?. They “boycott” selections and are aimed, maximal to “spoil” on the opponents. Here also give helps to electoral commissions that faces for a long time already left a party and, never giving declarations of accession in its, are its terms.

The Electoral commission item is not clear. After all retention in a lot should be confirmed documental. I.e. there should be an application from the citizen on a party joining, the solution of a college organ on method in a lot and the most important confirmation of the citizen, that he is the party member. Such deeds for the commission and administration of UCP are not present, but all of them amicably approve – all the same you are party members.

We know for a long time A.Lebedzka, A.Dabravolski, G.Raspopov and other “leaders” of the party as people deeply dishonorable, on this soil and there was a conflicting in a lot. But such it was impossible to expect even from them. Can they is more narrow have paid 2 itself in party agendas and A.Lukashenka with the present House of Representatives, the Government and electoral commissions (constituency election committees). It is a madhouse, instead of party!

L.Ermoshina is already in this party can also.

To Marina Levaneuskaja of the Central Committee “has hung up” one more “violation”: performance of a duty of the accountant in public organization, have counted as hiding a place of work. M.Levaneuskaja’s arguments, that she never received wages for this “job”, and there is no even a command on employment, remained without attention.

What for lawyers work in the Central Committee? In the commission, speaks, there was also a vice-president of the Supreme court of judicature. They do not know the elementary things known even for the schoolboy.

However, it is necessary to return due to Central commission, which one has removed from the decree on failure in filing absolutely crazy assertion of circumferential electoral commission №52 (the Grodno Central district) about unauthenticated of signatures in M.Levaneuskaja’s subscription lists and uncertain data in her declaration on incomes.

For me the impression was added, that all is decided for a long time already, and Central Committee meeting simple formality where terms of the Central Committee create “mass meeting” and is legitimised solutions of other “uncles”.

As to the author of these lines, Valery Levaneuski, motivation of failure is very confidential: allocation in the declaration on incomes of uncertain data. What data – it is not told. Earlier circumferential commission gave reasons the failure in filing that the wood constitution on a rate (W.C.) is not indicated in the declaration. And it is property hiding.

That now will invent “virtuosos” from the Central Committee, we will see! They will yield the explanations in the Supreme Court of judicature.

Disposal of legal proceeding will transit on September, 23rd, 2000 in a building of the Supreme Court of judicature in Minsk:

At 11.00 under Valery Levaneuiski’s complaint

At 14.00 under Marina Levaneuskaja’s Complaint

At 15.30 under Alexander Vasilieu’s Complaint


Valery Levaneuski

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