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April 15th, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

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STOP the rascal … from opposition

Sight from within. Do you reflected, why we have weak opposition? Why it suits A.Lukashenka? Why some “figures” from opposition shout about the far-outer, what he is “moscow”, “the agent of KGB” if the opinion of the given person disperses from given “figure-shouter”?

Here is business not only in low intelligence of these shouters.

The trouble of Belarussians, that in opposition is ten three “old” politicians who have removed in due time from “trough”. It does not concern, of course, those people, patriots who have left from A.Lukashenka and from a good nourishing life for ideological reasons. Such people are reputable. But how many such which have thrown out for larceny, use of office position to suit the own ends when they supervised over executive committees, the ministries, departments, represented legislative and an executive power. Then today’s “former” looked down on people. Now they opposition. To them have given the “a kick under back”. What to do? To work they never were able, to “plough” as all for the beggarly salary it would not be desirable. And after all have got used to a nourishing life. And here they have turned the looks on opposition. They have quickly seen, that here it is possible to “warm” hands and to come nearer to oppositional “feeding trough”. They have created hundreds public organizations, with itself have united and have declared, that they and are opposition to a present mode. The present mode suits such state of affairs, since given “oppositionists” will act exactly so much, how many it will resolve the authorities. Such opposition we already see five years. Its features that it exists exclusively at the expense of external financing. Clean external financing and this “opposition” will collapse as a house of cards.

For them today, the main thing, not the idea of free Belarus though they speak about it from all tribunes and to fill pockets in the area of grants and foreign trips.

You sometime reflected, why last year the quantity of strikes has sharply increased, meetings, the contingent of their participants has extended. Because the new people who are not under control to anybody have come to a policy. People ideological, never standing at “feeding trough”. Split in opposition is not present. There is a clarification from old and oppositionists “on duty”. It only has begun, and the first results are already visible. Youth organizations BNF, Social democrats, Unided Civil party, businessmen, intelligence, women-mothers, the military, progressively adjusted employees of militia (yes, misters, the militia) is today a basis of arising opposition.

Danger consists that former party bureaucrats and the nomenclature these organizations try to head. Such tendencies are observed across all Belarus. If it occurs, we will struggle with a present mode as early as more many years.

In air has again begun to smell money.

Elections come nearer. Elections of parliament and presidential elections of Belarus.

How again to pass to the power? Where to find money? People will not give money to them which were “. Do not trust.

To them, “former” it is necessary to “make a fool” of the trustful West. And here emissaries (one even is such in of Grodno) drive about and tell, that they head all movements and directions in opposition. Money regularly arrives on public organizations under control to them and the resource centres. “Former” money launders, beautiful reports are written, and they go again to a way to ask money. And in “West” all in any way cannot understand: so much money have enclosed in Democracy development in Belarus, and as democracy does not smell.

One more direction – is “supervision over elections”. I do not know, how across all Belarus, but in of Grodno the former chairman of regional executive committee, an old political corpse and great intriguer Simeon Domash tries to head this movement. Has found even the head of this structure. Supervision over elections from of Grodno and the Grodno area from opposition of young rascal Alexey Shulga which protected earlier taken into custody. I am assured, that under the guidance of these two people, the sums of money provided for supervision over elections, will be washed»,» will stick» to hands, and supervision will be formal and deformed. I personally know them well, therefore such assumption has the right to a life.

For example. A.Shulga, using trust of the head of the Grodno Center of protection of the rights of the consumer, having forged my signature in registration documents, has actually discharged the President of the Center of possibility to supervise over the given public organization and to supervise his financial and economic activity. The centre as the independent organization has ceased to exist. At the corrupted part of city officials the headache was gone. Since the Center spent independent checks of shops. Probably in the award for it the executive committee has allocated A.Shulge’s premise in city centre, in hotel “Neman” on very concessionary terms of which many can dream only. The reference with the corresponding statement in militia, not looking at the obvious facts, has not given result, that speaks about A.Shulgi’s possible dense communication with the given bodies. But all of us will equally finish business to the logic end.

The town hall and the Grodno initiative are advised of this case, but on strange coincidence of circumstances do not pay to this attention. Probably, such people there are necessary. And, considering that Simeon Domash will stand for parliament and, probably, in Presidents, “obedient” observers and experts in forging of documents are necessary to him.

Simeon Domash the action has compelled United Civil Party, the Trade union of entrepreneurs to leave “the Grodno initiative”, tries to isolate now and me personally from a public life. To me on meetings to act do not give, carrying out of seminars and other actions keep in the strict secret?

To gossips and intrigues attacks today have increased; call by phone with fantastic histories, with visiting of the tele master in-home which nobody caused etc. All it is very much not similar on action of special services, too small for them.

On what there lives many years unemployed Simeon Domash why concerning him court decisions are not executed in due time is remains a riddle. The Grodno arrests, searches, administrative detention, avoid reports Simeon Domash. Why? He is such active leader of opposition!

I am assured, that behind all loud statements Simeon Domash and to him similar costs thirst of the power and thirst to sweep. Good they will not give anything to us. And it is sincerely a pity to me of those people and the organization who have got to financial and other dependence on such “oppositionists”. To unite with them-it means to lose everything, to lose itself, to turn to same political “impotent men”.

What to do?

It is necessary to raise new leaders in each city, in each organization. To unite only with a healthy part of opposition, instead of with “man living on foreign financing”. One rotten apple will spoil all stock of apples. It is necessary to go to the people. Street actions are necessary for co-coordinating with thorough work with people. To create the base to changes. It is necessary to create conditions at which such as Lukashenka’s and Domash never will come to the power.

Valery Levaneuski

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