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September 13th, 2000. Posted in News from Belarus

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“Grey” everyday life of the future candidates

13.09 2000 at 9.10 in Grodno the car on which the future candidates of the House of Representatives Alexander Vasilieu and Valery Levaneuski moved have been blocked by employees Leninski District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno. Employees of militia have forbidden movement on the car till that time while Levaneuski will not undersign… In reception of the love letter from tax bodies is favorite by all of us. The same day, approximately at 11.00, employees of criminal investigation department searched and made a video shooting of property of Valery Levaneuski.

The search as was usually spent without the sanction of the public prosecutor and even for lack of the owner of property. Employees of militia know about Valery Levaneuski’s each movement and about all its telephone conversations, judging by their awareness. To external supervision to us not is to get used. There can be it protection? I did not ask. 12.09.2000 years employees of militia tried to get into Valery Levaneuski’s apartment twice, demanding from juvenile children (parents were not the at home) to open it doors. The Grodno tax inspection which has decided to spend the next tax check at Valery Levaneuski became more active. Day and night crowds of tax inspectors go under windows of its house with the requirement to undersign for any pieces of paper. It looks as not authorized demonstrations and the pickets organized by a management of tax bodies.

Where the Office of Public Prosecutor looks? And anywhere. All statements answers, probably any yard keeper, instead of the public prosecutor, all answers from Office of Public Prosecutor beside the point and not on a theme.

13.09.2000 Valery Levaneuski

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