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September 15th, 2000. Posted in News from Belarus

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«Clean-up operation»

On September, 14th, 2000 is special day. In Belarus the first stage of mass falsification of results of elections in deputies of National meeting of Belarus has begun. The power did not expect, that boycott of elections will turn back competition at 9-12 the person on one place. One of the basic mechanisms of counteraction to progressively adjusted candidates has been included» are district selective commissions.

The district commissions “have cut” more than half, and in separate districts and almost all future candidates. To «clean-up operation» objectionable applicants tax bodies, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and KGB have been connected. Surprises frank cynicism with which these bodies operate, motivating the refusal in registration of candidates.

For example:

- To Marina Levonevskaja and Alexander Vasilieu it has been given up in registration because of them ostensibly accessories to united civil party (UCP). But they, really, are not members of this party. After known events, authoritative and dictatorial actions of the head of party Lebedzko, more than 60 persons only in Grodno have left the given party, including, and aforementioned citizens.

- To Valery Levaneuski that it has not specified in the declaration on incomes and property the rotted through old wooden shed and a toilet (real estate) on a summer residence which does not belong to it is given up in registration by the candidate.

Anybody from members of the commission this “real estate” did not see, documents on privatisation or toilet purchase too did not study (them in the nature is not present), but all have voted for “real estate” “concealment”. Members of the commission did not interest at all, that the country site is written down not on Valery Levaneuski, and on Uladzimir Levaneuski. Itself Levaneuski now searches for openings in the legislation, allowing registering as the real estate, on the name the given toilet on a summer residence. As it is told in the report «the wooden structure for which it pays the tax to the real estate». Probably, and the warrant on power installation will give out.

The most interesting waited for all cleaned up when they have tried to study documents on which the “infringements” which have served by a cause of a failure in registration are revealed. All district commissions amicably answered: «Documents at us are not present, all is sent in the Central commission». I.e. to recheck checking of the district commission, the citizen cannot and accordingly cannot make qualified the complaint.

Why it occurs? The present authorities try to keep the positions, put forward the “pocket” representatives. How to prevent democratically to the adjusted citizens to become deputies in the House of Representatives? To give up in registration it is very simple: the commission decision for not specified in the declaration on incomes a wooden toilet. The commission of responsibility for such decisions does not bear, but each member of the commission bears personal responsibility before an executive power (or will plant or from work will dismiss). Moreover, under our data, personal responsibility of representatives of “vertical” and members of the commissions, for passage of not under control deputies is established.

Half of “smoothed out” applicants will refuse struggle a, second part will lose, at least 10 days on circulations on instances while will achieve registration. And at this time candidates from the power already conduct pre-election campaign.

Dirty technologies, about which so spoke much, are applied by the authorities.

19.09.2000 in Minsk in the Central commission of Belarus on elections and carrying out of referenda Complaints of the “smoothed out” applicants in deputies will understand.

15.09.2000 Valery Levaneuski

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