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April 13th, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

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Indications against Levaneuski are recognized by false. The mechanism of black and dirty technologies.

10.04.2001 court of Lenin area of Grodno the decision is accepted on a recognition void the data extended by Grodno organization РOMO «Civil forum» as early as concerning Valery Levaneuski on 29.05.2000 Moral harm is collected from the given organization which will be transferred to the charitable purposes also. Judicial suit lasted almost year.

Let’s remind conflict situation story.

In 1999 there were contradictions between old party bureaucrat, the former chairman of Grodno regional executive committee Simeon Domash and Valery Levaneuski. Since this moment, the “persecution” of Valery Levaneuski has begun, untied, with my point of view, by Simeon Domash. In 1999 Valery Levaneuski was the chairman of United Civil party (UCP) on the Grodno area, a member of Political council and National committee of the given party, besides, it was a member of council of Free Trade union Belarus (FTUB) and headed a number of public organizations.

All was normally till that time, since it be not become clear, that Simeon Domash, being covered with “the Grodno initiative», tries with the colleagues (Lebedzka, Dabravolski, etc.) to monopolies an oppositional field. The purpose -is coming to power in quality of the President of the country. For coming to power the finance and an aura of the leader of oppositional movement are necessary.

Loudly appears that «the Grodno initiative which has united a considerable quantity most« the large and influential organizations »is created. After we have understood, that this for whom and for what this soap bubble is created, entrepreneurs, UCP and Trade unions of entrepreneurs have made decision to leave from this structure.

The note: All organizations entering in «Grodno initiative» together taken, on numerical structure of less than one our structural division – of trade union of entrepreneurs in market “Southern” of Grodno.
How to return in initiative UCP and Trade unions of entrepreneurs? Attempts, at the desire of Simeon Domash have been undertaken, to re-elect Levaneuski and to put on a post of the obedient person – it has not turned out. More than 90 % of members of UCP of Grodno and the Grodno area are V.Levaneuski’s supporters. Moreover, congress UCP in April, 2000 has repeatedly selected Levaneuski a member of National Committee UCP. At same congress V.Levaneuski has been practically unanimously selected by a member of Political council.

Dissatisfied with such turn of events, “non-part” S.Domash 8.05.2000 writes addressed to heads of parties, to colleagues on 13 convocation: Bogdankevich S.A., Lebedzka A.V., Dabravolski A.A., Shlyndikov V. M, the ultimatum with the requirement to release Levaneuski from a management of the Grodno organization UCP and to refuse joint activity with it.

The mechanism of black and dirty technologies joins. Grodno ROMO «the Civil forum» (youth organization of UCP) 29.05.2000 extends a report of information in which Levaneuski is represented the brawler, the hooligan, etc.

Head РОМО «the Civil forum» V.V.Novosjad (the present deputy National Meetings), spreads the forged informations mismatching the validity.

All it is accompanied by Dabravolski’s public attacks on V.Levaneuski. 3.06.2000 gathers Political council OGP with the most usual agenda. All this dirt is taken out on Political council, joins in advance prepared amicable «backup» from members of Political council UCP and… Levaneuski is excluded from the party. Though such question was not in the agenda. And time it not the party member cannot head UCP on the Grodno area to be a member of Political council, a member of National Committee. Such there are “democrats”.

On his place obedient people who were included again into «the Grodno initiative» are put. Now in of Grodno two regional and two city party organizations (is more detailed in article “Guest performers”)
Here so in April, 2000 at congress Levaneuski is selected on the higher party posts, and in two months some person, presumably on preliminary arrangement, exclude Levaneuski from party, as the person who is not consulting with the duties.

It is necessary to consider and following circumstances:
The citizen (somebody A.Shulga), making the message on behalf of Grodno РОМО «the Civil forum» has been excluded before from the Grodno centre of protection of the rights of consumers for the roughest infringements of the Charter and a fake of signatures of the head of the centre (Levaneuski). Now this person is the assistant to deputy N.Novosjad, approached person S.Domash, headed supervision over elections of deputies in the House of Representatives in 2000.

Approximately, under the same scheme, with use of black and dirty technologies, Free trade unions of entrepreneurs which did not support BNF and Simeon Domash have been liquidated.

The note: present FTUB (the head G.Bykov) is actual branch of BNF.

Let’s return to litigation. Were repeatedly subpoenaed as witnesses Lebedzka and other officials UCP. But in court they were not. Moreover, it was found out, that much from stated concerning V.Levaneuski on Political council 3.06.2000 is an invention of the persons involved in the company on discredit by V.Levaneuski. Therefore litigation will have the continuation, but already in Minsk.

Valery Levaneuski

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