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June 1st, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

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Entrepreneurs and a policy, the discussion beginning in the newspaper “National will”

Dear edition of «National Will». It is pleasantly surprised by discussion opening on pages of your newspaper about a forthcoming role of entrepreneurs in the politician of Belarus. First of all, would like to thank authors of article «Abruptly the mister Levaneuski …» signed by Ekaterina Naumovich published in «National Will» №96 (1161) from 30.05.2001, and also newspaper edition for the bulletin “Employer”.

Thanks to it, my opinion on one of potential candidates in presidents Simeon Domash has been informed to a wide range of readers and the number of people wishing has considerably increased to visit at me at my birth day 15.08.2001.

In the beginning purely symbolical answer to authors of specified article signed by Ekaterina Naumovich.
That, that article is written not only by Katya is visible even an unaided sight. It is too difficult for the usual entrepreneur trading in the market – figures, cities, the witnesses, what set that of surnames, “analysis” in republican scale, a political estimation, an unreliable information and conclusions. If to it to add, that:

- Katya approximately had one year ago serious problems including with trading places and law enforcement bodies, after a while these problems have disappeared, moreover for Katya from market administration «the green street» has been included.

- Direct participation in distribution of the false bulletin “Employer”, with misinformation about carrying over of political strike, its people (after detention of one of distributors of the false bulletin “Employer” Ekaterina Naumovich has asked to release employees of militia the infringer) accepted.
It is not difficult to guess, why there is Ekaterina Naumovich’s signature under given article.

She, after her possible “recruitment”, constantly tries to break our actions and always opposes, that we did not do. Under our data, as encouragement for her activity, Katya even roundabouts have allowed to place in market “Dynamo”.
That to the reader it was clear, that stated in article «the mister Levaneuski…» to put it mildly Abruptly bends, mismatches the validity, I will result only two characteristic examples which each reader can recheck.

The first – under the statement of the Ministry of entrepreneurship at us it is registered more than 150.000 entrepreneurs, instead of 75.000 as authors of article confirm.

The second – authors write «… whence so much money at the idle father of four children …», that as mismatches the validity since Levneuski FOR 8 years is the entrepreneur, is registered in ИГНК Lenin area of Grodno and more than three last years head public organization «Grodno city centre of protection of the rights of the consumer», registered in justice department Grodno regional executive committee. Only for 1994-1995, under the statement of Tax inspection the net profit Levaneuski has made 20.000 US dollars.

Fulfilling “bread”, trying to withdraw entrepreneurs from a policy, Ekaterina writes: «So, strike with the slogan «Down with the president» has failed. Otherwise also could not be, considering political character of the action». The authorities as to be afraid of fire, that entrepreneurs will start to politicize. There was a task in view: at any cost to break political strike, to use any means, including lie and forgery. Katya has made everything that on “Dynamo” political strike has not taken place.

About entrepreneurs she writes: «and what for it is interesting to whom to present ardent revolutionaries of the people having about the politician the most primitive idea? ».
Here Katya’s opinion coincides with opinion of the authorities, and the power considers entrepreneurs for “Cattle” which understands nothing in the politician and should not pry into a policy. Whether but so it? We will try to understand.
Entrepreneurs and a policy. Whether entrepreneurs should participate in the politician?

Here the basic question around of which would be desirable to express me the point of view.

Who at us today in the policy: teachers, military, gynecologists, agriculturists, etc. Everyone does, except entrepreneurs. The trouble of Belarus, that in the politician gynecologists, instead entrepreneurs can also. Fortunately the tendency starts to vary in favor of entrepreneurs.

For many engaged in business – the entrepreneur is the second trade. More than 50 % of entrepreneurs have higher education so why they have not the right to reflect on the future of the country? Many wrongly consider that when entrepreneurs strike or spend other protest actions, they support Levaneuski. Entrepreneurs oppose politicians of the state concerning their and their families 5 year. My problem – is the organization of this process. That it would be the amicable action with the minimum losses for entrepreneurs.

Why more than 4 years occur process of opposition of entrepreneurs and the authorities?

Case is not in ambitions of Levaneuski.

There is an opposition of two systems, two ways of life.
There are Bolsheviks – and Bolsheviks are both at the power and in opposition (radical).

There are we – arising middle class.

Let’s try understanding. There are a few histories for a bright example.

1917. Opposition between proprietors (middle class) and supporters of “the light future» (Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Trotskyites, etc.). There were executions.

Supporters of “the light future» shoots our great-grandfathers on the basis of the relation to the property, divide among themselves acquired by them. Have shot. Have divided. Then shot the colleagues. And this process will never end. The clan of one party boss Comes to power – smothers a clan of another. All it occurred, and will occur at us both at local level, and at state level. Why? The answer lays in the ideology of communism and all its branches. Idea of an aloof public property to contradict is essence of the person. Any normal person dreams to have something – the house, a family, the ground, the car, work tools.

At present system of the power to have theoretically in earth possession, factories, factories, a construction it is not possible. However, practically all is divided for a long time. Behind all official bodies, Joint-Stock Company, Open Society and other signboards having the real estate, bowels, the earth, tools and means of production costs the concrete person (group of people) which dispose of them as own and have accordingly incomes (direct or indirect). The relation to the given property the most very foul – is taken away, plundered, etc. since all understand that they temporarily dispose of this property. At power change, they can remain not destiny.

Change of the power (clan) in such country it is always blood. Since there is a property repartition between clans. Old “proprietors” are put, shoot, or forced to go abroad. This processes at Bolsheviks the eternal. Always there is a temptation at one party boss to eat another. It will allow it to own the property which at us is called “state” (a variant: with state participation).

Such processes basically are impossible in the West since the majority of the property is concentrated in private hands, under concrete surnames and passes from father to son. Repartition of such property at change of the politician and an executive power top is impossible. State ownership use is rigidly supervised by structures independent of an executive power.

Let’s return to Belarus 2001 The power -is A.G.Lukashenka and a command (adherents of Stalin model of development) + radical opposition (the former party and Komsomol workers of S.Domash, A.Lebedzka – Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Trotskyites, etc.) = supporters of “the light future».

They among themselves are in eternal opposition. They will always “struggle” for the state (“neutral”) property, for the right to dispose of it. It is their struggle. And what about we? We for them “gun” meat and “change”.

Us, the middle class, a class of proprietors, do arrange neither those, nor others. In 1917 of a command to shoot “capitalists” gave Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and others.

The fact, that they became then opposition each other will not revive the shot people and that does not change. There is basic difference. They are able and wish to select and divide only. They all life were engaged in it. Those to it learnt in party schools. We wish not only to create the property, to build, make, but also to dispose of results of the work. We want that the property had the owner, and was protected by the state. Moreover, we do not apply for those buildings and constructions, factories and factories constructed to us. We do not wish to participate in this sharing. We are ready to build and invest in many projects.
Guarantees are necessary to us only. Guarantees, that created by us will not select tomorrow a revolution name. Guarantees of Bolsheviks – an empty phrase. Never Bolsheviks, that at the power, that in opposition words did not hold. Weigh their world – it is the world of dirty secret games and intrigues. For us there is no difference that will be at the power – Bolshevik Domash, A.Lukashenka Bolshevik or another them similar. All of them to us as politicians are alien by the nature. The top of Bolsheviks, basically, always consisted of political prostitutes. Such work they have. Others there do not start up. Today, having stayed there tens years, they declare, that they virgins-democrats. Now all of them for entrepreneurs, wish to head movement of entrepreneurs since have understood, entrepreneurs of Belarus today real political force.

I did not see in our numbers in 1996-2000 when we spent protest actions, present radicals from opposition. For those who criticize me that I oppose to S.Domash (on the instructions of special services it, say, the uniform opposition candidate), I recommend to come for my site to the address: http://www.

Read articles which I wrote about Domash in 1999-2000. Then he did not say, that will be the uniform opposition candidate. Then to it, “got” from me even more than now. Who is also that, me was already clear then. I write about it only a small part, that of that I know. If I then opposed politician Domash why now should be silent. Because they from Lukashenka have not divided something?!!!

Till 1996 he spread communistic ideology, built the light future.

In 1998-2000 together ideologists from BNF cursed «Muscovites» and “imperialists” on what light costs. In 2001 he declares that it faster A.Lukashenka will unite Russia and Belarus. Whether it is possible for him to trust?

Why so a lot of time is given by me to S.Domash. Because I know him, I have studied his habits, he is the typical representative of the communistic nomenclature. Therefore all described concerning S.Domash to concern all carriers of ideology of “the light future» (with small deviations) holding in due time responsible posts in communistic hierarchy.
Anywhere in the world the class of proprietors was not created for a year or two. On it tens years are necessary. My problem, as a politician and as the citizen is to accelerate these processes.

For today entrepreneurs a unique active social stratum of the population which some times in a year spend strikes. We are unique who by strikes has achieved cancellation of some acts and to dismissal of ministers. We have passed with economic to political requirements. The policy is a life of our children, families, property questions, taxes, formation, a wages, pensions, grants, the rent, business development, etc. is difficult to find a question, which, anyhow, not depend from a policy spent in the state.
Why we should be out of a policy?

I hope, that discussion on a theme «Entrepreneurs and a policy» will find the continuation and after the publication of given article.

Yours faithfully

Valery Levaneuski

The note: «the National will» has refused to print given article. The Motivation – is «discussion is finished».

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