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June 3rd, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

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What do we want?

I was born in this country, Belarus and I am not going to leave anywhere! I have here “roots”, hundreds relatives, four children. I and my children we will live in Belarus. I want, that it there was a worthy life, and will do all from me depending that all citizens of Belarus could live and earn in the country not worse than in civilized countries.

Time more and more strengthens my confidence that in Belarus in any way it is impossible to name occurring processes progressive. The today’s policy of the government never will give any positive results in improvement of a life of the people.

I offer my point of view on processes occurring in Belarus, and I invite for discussion of those who is really not indifferent to the native land, Belarus, those who will not be afraid to state the point of view, despite possible reprisals from the authorities.
Belarus today, figuratively speaking is in a bog. Nearby there is “highway” on which civilized countries go forward, but our “helmsman” persistently continues a way to deeper bog.

Our “helmsman” shows the big activity, persistence and insistence, but not to deduce Belarus on “highway” but to continue and a way through this bog since this way seems to it like unique true, and he never doubts the correctness.

Under control to A.G.Lukashenka mass-media do not give possibility to potential candidates to answer questions: «What do they want? How they see the future of Belarus? »

Because frequently the state mass-media are engaged frank making a fool the citizens, I will try to prove on simple examples to my compatriots, that A.G.Lukashenka does not right, and a way which he has chosen, it is a way in anywhere. I will not try to describe in details how it is necessary to deduce Belarus from crisis, after all the purpose of my article to designate a strategic direction – where it is necessary to move. This direction – is activization of the human factor, change of mutual relations of the person and the state, the person and a society. It is a problem, not having solved which, in my opinion, Belarus never will manage to be deduced from crisis.

In Belarus, unlike the majority of civilized countries, there is no open discussion of problems of the country that, certainly, is tragedy of our people. To the people the thought, that only he, A.G. is persistently drummed. He knows how to deduce the country from crisis, the thought that for 7 years of boards A.G is inspired to the people. Belarus has left far forward in the development. Difficulty of search of true in such conditions that A.G. Does not hear and does not want to hear arguments of opponents, at the same time and some figures from opposition fall to vulgar insults. A situation when one side (the governmental mass-media) are engaged in criticism of any others from the government of positions, and another (BNF) represent a head Zimouski put out of another’s fly, does not promote fruitful search of true.
Belarus became the hostage of erroneous representations of A.G about ways of development of Belarus. Errors, unfortunately, are very expensive for the people of Belarus.

Now some scientists argue, on how much Belarus has lagged behind civilized countries in the development, for 40 or 50 years, but, perhaps, most terrible at all in it, the most terrible, that the country leaders and are not going to reduce this rupture, declaring a present course are unique true and invariable. In performances A.G. repeatedly expressed a regret concerning disorder of Soviet Union, recollected times of power of it, which are not existing not so of the state. Trying to revive the Soviet system, at least on the scale of Belarus, it practically has completely recreated communistic system of managing and management.

Certainly, present ideologists from the power will disagree with me, but on an extent 20 century the communistic system has proved the inefficiency. Soviet Union has collapsed not owing to plot of politicians (Yeltsin, Shushkevich and Kravchuk) and because such system has been doomed. As it is known till 1914 in imperial Russia a class of proprietors (capitalists, landowners, the intelligency, etc.) was not numerous, nearby 1 %.

However after revolution were required some years of civil war to break resistance of “exploiter” classes. Then it was a question of property redistribution, and the proprietor protected at all times, and will protect the property in all possible ways. Frequently, to select the property, the proprietor needs to be killed. In August 1991 in Moscow, during putsch, it was found out, that socialism to protect there is nobody, since the general all around, so to a drawn game. Revolutions “back” in many countries including in Moscow, have passed or in general it is bloodless or with small blood, in the subsequent “velvet” revolutions began to call them. I think the same, eventually, will occur and in Belarus, it is a matter of time.

So, one of essential lacks of communistic system, it is weak stability that concerns and Belarus. In Belarus the state system is based on one authoritative person, so, can collapse for one day.

Most accurately lacks of communistic system were visible on an example of two German states, Germany and GDR. They had practically equal resources for the development, but in due course, became more and more obvious; the communistic system loses economic competition to the western market economy. That rupture in a standard of living increases, serious politicians have started to speak still in the early seventies. Already then many researchers underlined, that rates of growth in the countries socialist Camp leave much to be desired, they really did not coincide that “has traced” in due time N.S.Hrushchev in the program of construction of communism. About same even the member of Political bureau Kastygin A.N, in due time, tried to speak, but he very quickly was out of work, and about it have forgotten on tens years.

It is asked, why at that patriotism and fidelity to communistic ideals, the communism has lost economic competition?

To answer this question, it is necessary to address to the steadiest characteristics of the person, as product of evolutionary development. In the course of evolution the person had to overcome weight of obstacles, to struggle with elements of the nature, with animals surrounding him, with the fellow tribesmen. Those from them who has not managed to stand in struggle against elements and could not adapt to a life in those conditions, perished. Throughout several million years the nature selected the most viable individuals, the nature has generated the person in its today’s condition. If there was no this most severe selection there would be no also a today’s person. Certainly, religious figures some enough have absolutely other point of view on the nature of an origin of the person, but there are the objective given (archeological finds) testifying to justice of an evolutionary origin of the person.

There can be a question: «And here evolution of the person and lacks of communistic system?» However these two, at first sight, the concepts not connected among themselves, are in a close connection. All the matter is that the in itself communism contradicts human nature, his evolutionary essence. The communism assumes equality, all of us we remember main principle of communism: «From everyone on the ability, everyone on requirement Evolution assumes struggle and an inequality. Abilities of each person are individual and basically cannot be equal, but Charles Marx seriously believed, that after revolution there will come communism, general equality and happiness. After revolution of 1917 were created communes which, however, have very quickly shown the inconsistency. As historians have then written: communes» have eaten» themselves. On a course Lenin and Stalin “corrected” a Marxist science, that has turned out has as a result turned out, the totalitarian mode constructed on compulsion and on bones of people. Why the communism on Marx has misfired at once? Because the person has appeared torn off from results of the work, at it the stimulus to fruitful work has disappeared. For functioning in the conditions of communism (egalitarianism) the special person who would work irrespective of compensation for the work was necessary. The communistic educational system strenuously tried to create such person. But the properties of the person generated throughout millions of years to change it has appeared it is impossible on rather short, in evolutionary sense, a time interval. Having understood, that is simple so people will not work, Stalin has created refined system of compulsion. Executions, prisons, here are the basic methods with which help of people forced to work. In such system the right to a life it was necessary to deserve, such system then name “cannibal” since without executions and prisons it could not function. When there has come the stagnation period (the period of board of Brezhnev), the repressive device has reduced the turns. There was a situation when «the Stalin whip» any more was not, but also stimulus to work too. As work more than everything, any more you will not receive. In stagnation the majority of able-bodied population like would work, and the state as if paid for their work. In the subsequent this period has played a fatal role in disorder of all communistic system and Soviet Union. From the majority of the population of the communistic countries it was already impossible to hide, that their standard of living much more low, than in the West. At that time ideologists of communism asserted, that capitalist system, it is soporific system, it makes to the person much higher demands, than socialist at which it was possible to work somehow. All it was considered as advantage of socialist system. Actually the socialist system decomposed the people; many of them have forgot to work really. Everywhere the most initiative people aspired to leave on the West. Modern researchers notice, that when in the former countries of socialist Camp to citizens offer highly paid work but on which it is necessary to stick frequently they refuse such work and prefer the unemployment benefit. In the future in Belarus this painful problem still should be solved, though the citizens of the Belarus who has visited on earnings abroad, already know, how work there and as for us as pay there and as at us.

Summing up told, it is necessary to notice, that, in general, the market economy makes higher demands to each member of a society, and from here more effective work. The main lack of communism contradicting the human nature, it egalitarianism: have undressed all fifty-fifty and anybody will not work. In the West often speak about a society of equal possibilities which assumes an inequality material. From here an inequality, in material sense, it is necessary to consider not as angrily, and as conditions for development and progress.

At second Belarussian national meeting A.G .has read the report: «For strong and the prospering Belarus! » I think any of potential candidates in presidents of Belarus is for strong and the prospering Belarus too. The difference consists in what way for realization of it were chosen by the candidate. As to A.G.- all is clear, he as ordered all and everything so will continue to do it .But any sane person has a question: « Whether instead of too it is the big term of 7 years that the person, the president so much has told is a lot of commands was gave , but could not make really anything ». In the report it has painted all, up to the one to who must to milk, who must to plough, who must to manufacture. The senior generation remembers, that in the program of construction of communism of N.S.Khruschev all also has been painted, but dreams have appeared unrealizable. It would be desirable to ask A.G, that he will speak in 5 years. Again something will prevent as the bad dancer? Objectively, if to change nothing in a present course, there are no bases to wait for the salary in 250 dollars. It can be, if citizens of Belarus start to work on other. But as A.G. anything to change does not gather, it is simply deceit.

I do not wish to press in the detailed analysis of the report, for me it was already made by other analysts, will tell only, that it is similar to the “Russian salad” which basic component is person A,G., such clever, irreplaceable, careful. Other additives are faster for flavor it, in general, inedible, badly smelling “product”. Probably, any survived of mind Stalinist will be satisfy, but the sane Belarussian-will not. Notice, under all report the thought, that here it A.G. appears. Will find still any “means”, something will sell or will start, it will have money, and it will raise the salary. Besides, the senior generation can recollect N.S.Khruschev’s times, everywhere the corn strenuously took root, he hoped with its help to solve all problems of agriculture. As though it was simple, has found any “universal remedy” and to you the communism has constructed. The communism, however, “has quickly flown by”. We will recollect Brezhnev’s times and its well-known: « The economy should be economical ». All have read and have started» to save”, but so, that then all has collapsed.

Let’s address to report of the second belarussian national meeting. There is far not an idle question. How A.G. is intended to solve the problems which have collected in the state? At the expense of what he is going to raise the salary to 2005 to 250 dollars? We will reject all verbal peel, we take an essence.

We read: «So, on the following of 5 years, I think, we do not have necessity to break developed system of priorities. Three priorities which we have defined as the cores: are export, habitation, the foodstuffs – is supposed to be left as the major directions of activity on a forthcoming five-years period. As tools of their realization- to allocate a science and to consider it as the main, basic tool, and also health of people».

Let’s draw a parallel, instead of one “corn”, they became three. To all three “corns” will “grew” well, is planned to apply «the main basic tool» – a science. It is the same rake, the same communistic «jabber».

Unlike A.G I consider, that it is not necessary to order milkmaids, peasants, workers and directors of the enterprises. The system at which everyone will be interested in results of the work then instructions from above are not necessary to it should be created. It is impossible for itself to present, that the US president, for example, defined to the farmer when it to sow. To the proprietor of instructions are not necessary. Means, all should belong to someone. By experience of our neighbors, Russia, Ukraine privatization is very much disease process. It is possible to tell; that it is fair to divide never it will be possible, always there will be dissatisfied. However, it is important, that there were equal starting conditions. Experience of privatization in Russia when to each citizen, irrespective of its merits and the experience, the voucher was handed over, is worthy, since privatization procedure considerably became simpler. Some have there and then spent on drink it, that, however, their right. A matter is that in Russia character of privatization often had criminal character. In the future, in Belarus, at privatization carrying out experience of privatization of the countries next to us should be made use. Making use of this experience, it is necessary to try to carry out privatization less painfully, however the concrete decision of questions of privatization in Belarus, it is a separate question which demands detailed discussion. Very often it is necessary to hear from citizens of the senior generation, that here it has worked 30 years at the factory, and it will belong now to someone. Many of them are mistaken, including themselves today to some extent concerning a state ownership. The state propaganda machine persistently supports at them this illusion. In practice officials, and basically dispose of this property, they already have among themselves divided this property. As an example: When the businessman, very business and clever woman, managed to organize large manufacture from zero, has addressed in one Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People’s Deputies with the offer to redeem empty floor spaces to it has been told, that these “hundred parts” belong to Peter Ivanovich, one of officials of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People’s Deputies. Therefore I consider, if privatization is spent, is opened and is fair, the budget from what will pay the salary, pensions and grants will be filled up. If privatization is spent by “sharing” among officials, to pensioner Maria Ivanovna and so will come nothing. Well-known, that the proprietor works better. If any “laying” enterprise to which possession you, Maria Ivanovna, consider that concern but from which to you ruble have not given. You have a hope when the proprietor will start it, indirectly, through taxes and to you there will be an advantage.

A.G. constantly repeats, that will not admit sale of the state enterprises, in practice it means, itself not and you I will not give.

On the statistician, on the average 20 % of the population try to open the business, at 6 % something turns out. In the future these of 6 % become the progress engine in Belarus. Today A.G. tries to solve all problems by means of administrative apparatus (vertical). Neither himself A.G., nor his ideologists do not realize, that there are only two models of a state system. The first model is command-management system, a heritage of communism, which A.G. has reconstructed in “vertical”. The second model is western market model. Showing incompetence and unwillingness miracles seriously to realize processes occurring in Belarus, himself A.G. and his handy assimilate to that philosopher who has climbed in a flank and does not wish anything to see and hear.

Let’s return once again to report of A.G. when he says, that in 2005 will pay 250 dollars. Here it is possible to object, that it is wage leveling too. The person should receive so much, how many he has earned, if he has earned in the lawful way one million dollars and has thus paid taxes it is its one million. It is asked, to whom it will be bad because, that we will have the Bill Gates to whom it will be bad because, that it will fill up the budget with billions dollars. It will be bad to communists, their “toad” will strangle, why it at it is so much money, in their opinion, it means the thief and the exploiter. It is necessary to encourage those people who aspire to grow rich in the lawful way. That the person had stimulus to work, in a society should be rich, prosperous, that does not exclude, will be and not so provided. The state should shift the basic responsibility for the well-being on citizens. Be socially protected those who not in a condition to work should only, they are pensioners, invalids and children. For normal able-bodied citizens conditions that they could realize the abilities who wishes to live well should be created, should work well. Idlers and drunkards should live how they work. It will be the disease process, it is not pleasant too much, but, not having passed its Belarus, cannot get out of poverty “bog”. Belarus will be doomed to eternal backlog from civilized countries. The earlier it will begin, this is uneasy period in a life of the people of Belarus will be faster overcome.

Valery Levaneuski. 3.06.2001.

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