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May 3rd, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

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The project of the reference of A.G.Lukashenka about renunciation of the power

We suggest familiarizing with the project of the reference of Alexander Grigorevich Lukashenka to the people of Belarus which to the president is offered to read at congress 18.05.2001.

Dear compatriots, citizens of Belarus!

In 1994 when you chose me as the president of Belarus, I sincerely believed, that I will make a lot of for the people. At that time, really it seemed to me, that, having generated a command of adherents, having placed on supervising posts of business and exacting heads, we can really start factories, lift agriculture, finish the average salary to level European, and improve a life of our people. It has passed 7 years. For these years, I have worked hard to change a life of our people, however fairly, in all honesty, should recognize, that in 1994, I did not imagine all complexity of problems which to me should be solved. Having incurred responsibility for all processes occurring in Belarus, I have gradually found out, that the slow bureaucratic vertical created by me, in it became a brake in development. It seemed to me, that, actively interfering in all fields of activity, I will manage to introduce in them corrective amendments with advantage for business, in practice all has turned back that officials on places because of fear to lose a post have ceased to do something without my instructions.

I sincerely hoped that, having restored a socialist planned economy, I will manage to solve accruing as a snow clod of a problem of the industry and agriculture. All has appeared not how I thought. The broken communications between the former republics USSR, absence of a source of raw materials, did not allow such system to function effectively enough since it was very prodigal and uneconomical. I thought, that have made a lot of good for the people, but in many respects was mistaken. I am sorry about the people for the errors! I am sorry for time missed by our country through my fault, for outstanding me pre-election pledges!

Understanding, that my further stay on a post of the President of Belarus conducts to confrontation in a society, in interests of the people of Belarus, I leave this post. New leaders, with new fresh ideas which probably will appear more effective, than mine let will come. My powers according to the Constitution pass to the prime minister. I prepare documents on formation of provisional government of the national consent the operational administration the country and preparation and carrying out of the democratic elections corresponding to the international norms of democracy and the selective legislation will be which main task.

I sincerely wished and I wish to my people all the good.

Yours faithfully.

The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka.

(It is offered to A.G.Lukashenka to read at congress 18.05.2001)

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