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April 18th, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

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Rats… Who has started to buy up an “independent” press? Or how much now conscience?

Such questions arise, when you read the information about yourself on site of BBN (the Belarus Business Newspaper). We quote: In due time Levaneuski has begun activity as the trade-union leader of entrepreneurs that has collected in the Grodno wholesale market payments on 10 dollars from the entrepreneur.

After the reference in edition with a question: «What proofs to it are? » There was a new version:
«In due time activity as the trade-union leader of entrepreneurs Levaneuski has begun that collected in the Grodno wholesale market large enough membership dues».

They at all have not confused, that Levaneuski never collected trade-union payments.

Further it is published more: «Somehow Levaneuski have invited to participate in the program» Resonance”. However for television advertising it should render BТ service. A preliminary condition of granting to Levaneuski a broadcasting time was that he from the screen (will throw mud – in the first variant) will criticize other oppositional candidate for presidents, Simeon Domash. Levaneuski promise with pleasure has executed, and Domash has heard about himself a lot of the unflattering. However, in following releases of”Resonance”when Levaneuski become not necessary, have rigidly criticized already him….

All delirium stated on sites of BBN to quote it is senseless. I have personally asked to give edition proofs of these, obviously provocative messages. Has asked to quote, what such bad I have told about Simeon Domash on BT. Was refused. It speaks about that, the given publications are ordered. By whom? Look a site located on pages BBN, but about S.Domash, and you will answer this question.

The most interesting is that there are no surnames of authors of these lampoons, and also surnames of people which unflatteringly respond about Levaneuski – all keeps in the strict secret.

Dear edition of BBN. I ask you:

1. To document your slanderous statements or to make public apologies.

2. To name surnames of authors and sources of your information concerning me


Valery Levaneuski

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