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March 6th, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

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The answer to MP article in BG

5.03.2001 in BG article of Michael Podoljak (MP) «Who is is guilty?» was published. I respect opinion of any journalist, I consider, that the journalist has the right to the point of view on any question. By the way, Michael Podoljak, in my opinion, writes quite good analytical articles. That this serious journalist in given article has fallen before frank misinformation, distortion however is amazing for the facts and attributing to me of nonexistent intentions.

In particular, MP writes: «As a matter of fact, Levaneuski calls for a heterodoxy interdiction, an opposition interdiction. And he does it today when the nomenclature, the elite costs at the crossroads and cries out literally:« show us, where to go “,” as to us to get rid of Lukashenko”

Probably, MP has not absolutely attentively familiarized with my articles where I criticized both A.G.Lukashenka, and separate figures of opposition. So once again I will short state the position.

As to A.G., that, on my deep belief, he has restored the worst variant of command-management system in Belarus and with its help tries to solve economic and political problems, that basically is impossible. Historical experience prompts, those similar systems anywhere in the world have not given some effective economy and a comprehensible standard of life of the population of these countries.

A.G.- is a trouble of the people of Belarus, I assured, that in the near future his “acts” will be estimated by the people of Belarus on “advantage”. Falling of mode A.G. is inevitably. From my part I do everything that on me depends that it has occurred as soon as possible.

But what will occur after “leaving” A.G.? Who will replace him? Here, as I understand, our positions disperse from MP.

If to image, that on change A.G. will come representatives of coordinating rada of democratic forces where the basic component are representatives of BNF responsibly I declare, that it will mean one more senseless coil in development of Belarus. I can confidently speak about it since it is personally familiar with the majority of leaders of coordinating rada of democratic forces and with their methods of work.

It is necessary to notice, that originally I together with my supporters tried to adjust cooperation, both with representatives of BNF, and with separate leaders of present coordinating rada of democratic forces. The aspiration to change existing “mode” could be a basis of such cooperation as it seemed to me. Perhaps, and today we could have questions on which cooperation is possible. The first – it is necessary to achieve leaving of A.G.! The second – needs to be discussed seriously how, on what ways it is possible to improve a life of the people of Belarus?

To make conversation subject, it would be possible to accept the code of the indisputable facts, i.e. to find things in common on which opinions of the parties coincides. If to listen to all figures, since A.G. and finishing the most ardent nationalist everybody only are baked about the people blessing, however everyone understands this blessing in own way and everyone offers the way of achievement of this blessing. For this reason between us there were disagreements, and further and frank enmity. The communist I never was, I consider communistic ideology to alien human nature. When the former party functionaries have started to try to order me, to impose the will, I was indignant. Applying for a role of the uniform candidate, former party boss Simeon Domash one time tried to cause me on “carpet” and to “chide” with removal of “party collecting». Party habits were formed by decades, from them not so simply to be released. It is remembered, Simeon could not “drive” in any way, that it for a long time not so all-powerful party boss, for him it is so unusual.

Who are Lebezdka, Domash and to them similar? Former Komsomol and party workers, Bolsheviks. Who is A.Lukashenka – former Komsomol and the party worker, a Bolshevik. To us suggest changing one Bolshevik for another? And what it will give for the people of Belarus? Nothing!

It is the same, for example, after a victory in the Second World War Americans have put to operate Germany other Nazi.

Bolsheviks and Nazis, by the way, have common roots.

Officials to themselves always did “feeding troughs”. Yes “former” today is not at the power. But they have created to themselves “feeding trough” -is oppositional. I will tell one thing- we have one essential distinction: we spend the money for struggle against a mode, they – someone else’s.

Coordinating rada of democratic forces, before which MP is scattered in compliments, really, is the radical organization showing intolerance to other opinion.

Valery Levaneuski attacks not opposition, and separate radical officials from opposition, since on a wave of discontent A.G. more terrible people, than A.G. can come to the power. At “former” there are no chances, and others coordinating rada of democratic forces is not offered, moreover “smothers” competitors. Here is a conflict principal cause.

Michael Podoljak has drawn an image of Lebedzko, Domash, etc. as angels-fighters with a mode. But if to look narrowly, angels have even nice small horns, and the tail is looked through.

I understand, that MP article is “order” from the former party functionaries, but even in this case it would be possible to show objectivity and honesty, and that develops impression, that if tomorrow the power will exchange, Alexander Zimouski will be replaced with Michael Podoljak and all will begin at first.

I hope, that the given letter will be published in the nearest number BG.

Yours faithfully Valery Levaneuski

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