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April 24th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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Levaneuski with all family is arrested

In village Semenovka, Grodno area (Berestovitsa), near to a cemetery, by the disturbing-search boundary group, approximately at 15.00, had been arrested Valery Levaneuski with all family. Levaneuski has arrived to remember the relatives buried on a local cemetery. The chief of a frontier post Zhukovets Andrey Nikolaevich supervised over arrest.

The family of Levaneuski annually on this day visit died relatives throughout many years. Practically never there they did not meet frontier guards. Especially, in such sacred day for all people. Valery Levaneuski considers, that it was the provocation organized by Special Services of Belarus as:

1. Any frontier squads on roads to village Semenovka was not.

2. For report drawing up 5-10 minutes are necessary. All family Levaneuski, including, and juvenile children, under barrels of automatic machines, have kept till 20.00 (about 5 hours) though all necessary documents, including, and passports, have been given frontier guards under their first requirement.

3. Except ten frontier guards with the automatic machines, arrived on car GAZ-66, in detention participated three cars with people who have refused to be represented (the major and some person in the civilian)

4. With Levaneuski together was some more person, arrived with it on a cemetery, at which passports was not, but they were not checked also by reports on them were not made. Heightened interest was only to a family of Levaneuski.

5. The chief of an outpost has refused flatly to involve as witnesses at drawing up of the report of civilians which was much. As witnesses soldiers of frontier troops dependent on service have been entered only.

Valery Levaneuski considers, that provocation is organised for following reasons:

1. Fortnight visit to the United States of America of official representative Valery Levaneuski, the vice-president of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Leonid Kaliteni proceeds.

2. Valery Levaneuski has intention to propose the candidature on forthcoming presidential elections. For the purpose of his discredit in the report on administrative offences by Zhukovets it has been brought: «At conversation there were attempts of threat, the insult».

In the presence of witnesses the question has been asked to the officer: «In what it was shown? » There were, that words of Levaneuski that he will appeal against frontier squad actions, have been apprehended by it as threat. The insult, from the point of view of the twenty years’ lieutenant that during conversation Levaneuski named it once on “you” is.

From the point of view of Valery Levaneuski, this phrase: «At conversation there were threat and insult attempts», was planning (by order of from Minsk) is entered in the minutes for the purpose of attempt of excitation of criminal case concerning Valery Levaneuski upon threats and insults of officials of Frontier group. It, apparently, on a plan of authors of provocation, it will be possible to try to remove Levaneuski from presidential race.

Corresponding complaints are made about actions of frontier guards and not established persons participating in detention to the public prosecutor.

Press service of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs

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