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June 18th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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Session of the Central election committee (photo)

Session of the Central election committeeOn June, 8th, 2001 there has passed session of the Central commission of Belarus at elections and carrying out of referenda (Central Electoral Committee). The commission has considered not all statements of the citizens, intending to participate in presidential race. Motivation -is the big congestion of the commission. On June, 18th 10 statements have been considered. 9 statements have been satisfied, one is not present.

The commission loyally enough concerns registration of initiative groups of the future candidates in presidents. To one of applicants, even have allowed to withdraw the statement on registration of initiative group (S.Domash), and to hand in the new statement taking into account commission remarks (the weight of the people who are not possessing the suffrage) has been included in initiative group. For it happy Domash nearly has not kissed the commission, it is direct in a hall. Practically all applicants for a post of the President, except for M.Chigir, had those or other insignificant infringements in lists of initiative groups. The commission has noticed that the given infringements cannot serve as an occasion to refusal in registration of initiative group. Separately it is necessary to stop on the woman to whom have given up in registration of its initiative group – Lobanovoj Nina N. (see the photo 7).

Under the statement of representatives of the Central Electoral Committee, Nina has included in the initiative group of all citizens without them is conducted also the consent. She, being the worker of library, has simply copied the visitors and has submitted these lists. To appeal against against the decision of the Central Electoral Committee it is practically impossible, since according to the Belarus legislation, for the appeal it is given three days and the application in court should sign not less than half of members of initiative group. In case of from N.Lobanovoj it is 200 signatures.

Following session of the commission takes place 6/19/2001 at 12.00.

In photos fragments of session of the commission: 


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