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June 19th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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4 initiative groups are not registered (photo)

4 initiative groups are not registered19.06.2001 years registration of initiative groups on promotion of candidates in Presidents of Belarus has proceeded. It is given up in registration still to three groups, which have essentially broken (according to members of the Central Electoral Committee) the current legislation. As a result 22 groups from 26 are registered.

Four groups by which it has been given up in registration hardly will appeal against a verdict of Central Electoral Committee since operating the legislation allows to appeal against theoretically only against the given decision, practically to make it is impossible.

Probably the Central Electoral Committee decision on one initiative group – to Evgenie Kryzhanouski will be reconsidered. In the course of press conference by one of journalists it has been declared, that E.Kryzhanouski the native of the Russian Federation. A situation is “ticklish”. Since during a birth Belarus and Russia were the uniform state-USSR. From the point of view of international law in this case Kryzhanouski has the right to be put forward to a post of the President of Belarus.
From 21.06.2001 petition in support of candidates for Presidents will begin.


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