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May 17th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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The post card to the general Public prosecutor of Belarus

We result the text of the post card of Valery Levaneuski to the general Public prosecutor of Belarus.

To the general Public prosecutor of Belarus


To the public prosecutor of the Grodno area


To the chairman of KGB RB


To the chairman of KGB on the Grodno area


To the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Usually in the states with such system of the power as in Belarus, concerning political opponents various operative actions and the actions demanding the sanction of the public prosecutor (listening of telephone conversations, etc.) are regularly spent.

I ask to inform me

1. When also who sanctions of the public prosecutor in carrying out, what or actions concerning me in time from 1.01.2000 till stood out.

2. When also whom operative actions of power structures the relation me in time from 1.01.2000 till (external supervision, listening, etc.) were carried out

3. Whether to be spent concerning me and my family now the authorized and not authorized actions of law-enforcement and other state bodies encroaching on my civil rights and interests (secret of correspondence, etc.), whether to be spent listening of my telephone conversations, whether external supervision etc. is carried out

4. Whether your subordinates carried out gathering of the information on me and if yes that where I can with the given information to familiarize.

Absence of the answer or the evasive answer will testify that for possible candidates for Presidents of RB to be known shadowing on political grounds and other illegal actions by your employees are spent.

Yours faithfully

Valery Levaneuski


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