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February 27th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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28.02.2001 there will pass one-day national strike of entrepreneurs

Wishing to interview management of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus (the deputy chairman of Strike Committee, the chairman of trade union of entrepreneurs of “Dynamo” Leonid Kalitenja), to receive preliminary information on a strike course, are able to do it at 11.00 28.02.2001 in Minsk, stadium “Dynamo”, an input from street Ulyanovskaja (opposite to a concert hall “Minsk”).

The press conference following the results of strike 28.02.2001, with participation of Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski, will take place on Thursday 01.03.2001 in Minsk at 15.00, in edition of the newspaper “Worker” – Minsk, square of Freedom 23.

Inquiries by phone 260-97-75

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