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July 20th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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Meeting of the international observers and applicants for a post of the president of Belarus (photo)

Meeting of the international observers and applicants for a post of the president of Belarus20.07.2001 at 10.00 in hotel “October” conference hall there has passed a meeting of the international observers from Association of organizers of elections of the countries Central and the Eastern Europe with the persons who are put forward by candidates in Presidents of Belarus and heads of initiative groups.

At a meeting there were practically all applicants for the highest post at Belarus and the representative commission from the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation led by Vishnjakov Alexander Albertovich and AOVCVE led by the secretary general Tot Zoltan.

Representatives of the press have not been invited. Practically all acting marked infringement of the operating selective legislation from A.Lukashenka, made offers on adjustment of due supervision over elections, mentioned the facts of abusing A.Lukashenka’s power in pre-election campaign.

Valery Levaneuski has made following offers:

1. To convince A.Lukashenka to cancel the decree of №20 striking rights of relatives of applicants for a post of the President of Republic living out of Belarus and doing not conduct the general economy with the applicant.

2. To give explanatory, what is essential infringement in the Declaration on incomes and property.

3. To reconsider formation of the selective commissions of all levels, having included there representatives of opposition.

4. To organize in addition preliminary electronic system of calculation of voices.

5. To forbid compulsory system of voting, widespread at us in the country.

6. To expand the rights of the observer to polling districts, to organize check of signatures collected under A.Lukashenka with opposition attraction.


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