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July 21st, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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In Brest active worker of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs has been detained

21.07.2001 in the ware market in the city of Brest active worker of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Bernatski Victor Pavlovich has been detained. Detention was spent by the foreman of militia Omeljanjuk (he has refused to be presented, we have learnt a surname later). The detention reason – is for distribution of the literature of antisocial character. The Arrested person against his will (by a taxi!), delivered in Moscow District Internal Affairs Department of Brest. There the arrested person was subjected to psychological pressure.

Has begun with that the person on duty on District Internal Affairs Department has refused to be represented, but has suggested to V.Bernatskom to pay 100 minimum wages as the penalty. The major of militia (too he has refused to be presented) has declared, that Bernatski is engaged in the latent (!) propaganda. Then in 11 people in the civilian (too they have refused to be presented) threatened with the big troubles if once again Bernatski will appear in a hero- town Brest. «We will arrest for some days, and for what crime, we on a place will think up» – the person in the civilian has declared. All it lasted more than three hours. The detention report was not made.

Of what Victor Pavlovich Bernatski was guilty? It appears a report of information in which it was specified that there was a next bulletin “Entrepreneur” with the current legislation review. According to workers of militia, it is antisocial activity. And still, from the point of view of workers of militia Moscow District Internal Affairs Department of Brest, an explanation of the rights of entrepreneurы at their disputes with militia and some positions of the law of Belarus «About protection of the rights of the consumer» are an occasion to arrest for some days.

It is not the first case of detention of our active in Brest.

Why it occurs it is possible to specify by phones in Brest 42-87-33 (the Chief Moscow District Internal Affairs Department of Brest Leonid Ramazanovich Nagumov) and 42-88-23 Vitaly Ivanovich Borishchik (the deputy the chief Moscow District Internal Affairs Department of Brest)

Valery Levaneuski
Ph. 31-30-62 (of Grodno)

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