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June 26th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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Joint session of 10 applicants in Presidents of Belarus (photo)

Joint session of 10 applicants in Presidents of BelarusOn June, 26th, 2001 in Minsk there has passed joint session of 10 applicants in Presidents of Belarus, heads of the basic political parties and the organizations. Session occurred under the aegis of Public coalition movement «For new Belarus». At session the basic document on the relation of the authorities which have gathered to actions directed on falsification of results of elections in favor of A.Lukashenka is accepted.

Numerous infringements of the Selective Code by the authorities were marked at formation of the territorial commissions. Across all Belarus there is a compulsion of citizens to filling of subscription lists in favor of A.Lukashenka with a simultaneous interdiction of filling of the same sheets in favor of other applicants in Presidents. In infringement of the Selective Code, A.Lukashenka, using all state mass-media, has already begun the selective company and pre-election campaign.

The hottest discussions were caused by the offer of representatives of radical opposition (BNF and S.Domash) about acceptance of point on unconditional support of the Uniform candidate by all parties and applicants in Presidents. Idea is quite good. Nobody objected to the Uniform candidate. A reef which was in the given offer – is absence of the co-ordinate mechanism on promotion of the Uniform candidate. Who will be considered as the Uniform candidate: representative from KRDS, the Representative from applicants for the higher post, the representative of “five” or still someone? Against such approach to promotion of the uniform candidate have acted Sergey Kaljakin, Michael Chigir, and Valery Levaneuski. It was offered originally, within several days to co-ordinate the mechanism of promotion of the uniform candidate, and then only to make the statement on the given question. The given offer has found support of the majority present on session (pro-13, contra – 4). Against the mechanism coordination on promotion of the Uniform candidate have voted (acted) only S.Shushkevich, A.Dabravolski, S.Domash and J.Hadyko. S.Domash, having referred to employment, has left from meeting. Attempts of radical opposition to impose the conditions of the democratic public have found support at the majority of the present. The good offer was brought by Evgenie Kryzhanouski. He has suggested all applicants to gather separately and to discuss questions of the uniform candidate without participation of political parties and public associations and only then to place this decision for consideration political parties and public associations.


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