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June 27th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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Soon we recognize the father (fathers) of A.Lukashenka

There is A.G. Lukashenka’s next delirium under the name «The decree of the President of Belarus N 20. About obligatory declaring of incomes and property of the candidate in Presidents of Belarus, its near relations, the spouse (spouse) and its parents and some other measures directed on carrying out of open, free and fair elections.»

The decree demands from all children, grandsons, including, chest and juvenile, grandfathers and grandmothers, including, dying and died, having though any relation to the applicant in candidates on a post of the President of Republic to submit the Declaration on incomes and property.

Despite a full legal lapse, the Decree has a number of positive sides:

1. The power is in agony. The edition of such decree is caused by A.Lukashenka’s exclusively full internal and external isolation, including, and Russian. Official Russia has given up to him in support, judging by that the Decree has appeared right after A.Lukashenka’s visit to Russia.A.G. is not assured on 100 %, that he will manage to garble results of voting. Therefore he tries to clean the applicants by means of the selective commission (CEC) appointed it.

2. We, at last, will recognize the daddy (daddies) of A.Lukashenka, his grandfathers and grandmothers.

3. Not only all Belarus, but also Russia was convinced, that immediate physical examination of the person who has signed such Decree is necessary.

The younger son of the author of these lines, nine-year Anton Levaneuski, has refused flatly to submit the declaration on the incomes and property, motivating it that such they did not pass in school yet and having referred on the Constitution of Belarus, the international legislation and the legislation on the rights of the child has sent all far away.

And how now to be?

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