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March 7th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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The spouse of Levaneuski has deserved a title «Ms. elegance» (photo)

The spouse of Levaneuski has deserved a title «Ms. elegance»The spouse of the applicant for a post of the President of Belarus, Marina Levaneuskaja, has deserved a title «Ms. Elegance».

On March, 7th, 2001 in Culture and creativity CENTER (at the enterprise of Grodno “Radio-wave”) there has passed competition «MS BEAUTY-2001», dated for the international women’s day on March, 8th. The organizer of carrying out of celebratory action and the direct participant of competition, i.e. conducting – is Kozak Lily. Charming women took part in representation at the age from 20 till 46 years, including mums having many children. There were Marina – № 1 (4 children), Nodezhda (3 children) – №2, Maria – № 3, Julia – № 4, Elena №5. It was necessary for participants of competition to tell about itself, to show competition “POORLY”, to dance, show the suit, to admit love to the man. Competition was added with performances of dancing collectives and soloists. The jury consisting of five men, estimated participants of competition, the spectator hall without doubts has agreed with results of leading of definitive results. It is competition results:

Marina №1 – is Ms. Elegance,

Nadezhda №2 – is Ms. Grace,

Maria №3 – is Ms. of Charm,

Julia №4 – is Ms. Tenderness,

Elena №5 – is Ms. of Charm

+ the Ms. of Spectator liking.

Celebratory representation was bright and impressing even thanks to playful game of leaders and also performances of dancing collectives. All present at a hall and on a scene felt in good mood. And the main thing, each woman participating in competition, has confirmed next time, that each woman is original and unique.

That women of the Grodno public female organization «mercy Spring» participated in competition is remarkable also.

Source: the Bulletin «Mercy Spring»


The spouse of Levaneuski has deserved a title «Ms. elegance»

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