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November 11th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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Uladzimir and Dmitry Levaneuski are detained

On November, 11th, 2001 in ware market “Dynamo” in Minsk Valery Levaneuski’s detained sons – Dmitry (17 years) and Uladzimir (15 years) were detained by security service. Employees of security service (as they were presented), behaved roughly and defiantly, to remarks did not react. The given employees of security service force against the will of Uladzimir and Dmitry delivered them in local police station.

Then Dmitry and Uladzimir delivered in city department of militia, where the search has been conducted.

The employee of militia who has refused to be presented supervised over a search. Dmitry’s request for detention and search registration in the established lawful order remained without satisfaction, the report and has not been made. It was forbidden to arrested person to call, inform the father where they are, have forbidden accepting food, to receive legal aid, to familiarize with the rights detained and searched. Only after intervention of vice-president Strike Committee of entrepreneurs Leonid Kaliteni which has learnt about detention from the entrepreneur working in market “Dynamo”, children have released. As employees of militia have explained, brothers Levaneuski have detained that they extended among entrepreneurs the bulletin “Employer” and “Stadium” with the information on the legislation in the field of rent relations and certification and as from interview of the Minister of Internal Affairs. Then the version about the detention reason has changed- for installation of the person. The most interesting, is that the person of brothers Levaneuski is installed any more first time.

The basic reason of detention, most likely is another one. On November, 29th, 2001 in court of Lenin of Minsk (26 10.00) the civil case under Valery Levaneuski’s claim about indemnification of moral and material harm to administration of ware market “Dynamo” (the Dynamo-sports enterprise) will be considered. From our point of view Dmitry and Uladzimir’s detention is clumsy attempt to affect on Valery Levaneuski to withdraw the claim in court. But proceeding will take place at any coincidence of circumstances.

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