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January 3rd, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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New millennium Belarus has begun with large-scale national strike of entrepreneurs

As of 3.01.2001 strike are captured Minsk, all regional centers and the majority regional (more than 90 %). In strike take part more than 200.000 persons, from which about 100.000 entrepreneurs and 100.000 persons working on hiring. National strike will last some days (till 5.01.2001) and is caused by that the government refuses to carry out undertaken on stay of sanctions concerning entrepreneurs. Besides, real negotiations of the government and Strike committee of entrepreneurs till now have not begun.

Strike is organized by the Belarus Trade union of entrepreneurs and Strike committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus.

The state trade unions and some “leaders” from the state have tried to break strike. But they could deduce for work only a few hundreds persons on all republic and that, as a rule, sellers who work for them under the contract.

Strike has gone right, not looking that the decision on it was accepted only 18.12.2000 and on preparation 12 days (usually such actions demand preparation in 30-40 days) have been taken away only

Short-term national strikes of entrepreneurs will be spent regularly (about once a month) in a current of all 2001, until then while the government will not start to fulfill the basic requirements of entrepreneurs. There is a preparation for term less strike of entrepreneurs. Strike has shown, that entrepreneurs do not agree with a policy of the state spent by it in small and average entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are ready to upholding of the rights and legitimate interests

5.01.2001 in Minsk at 15.00 there will pass press conference devoted to the given strike.

Inquiries on ph. 260-97-75 (Leonid Kalitenja, Minsk).

The basic requirements of the striking are:

1. Cancellation of the Decision of the State customs committee of Belarus from September, 20th, 2000 N 55: “About customs registration of the goods …”, in a part, concerning individual entrepreneurs;

2. Attraction cancellation to administrative and the criminal liability of individual entrepreneurs to formal and far-fetched signs, cancellations of unreasonably high administrative penalties for individual entrepreneurs. The maximum size of the administrative penalty should not exceed 10 minimal wages;

3. Reduction of cost of rent of trading places. Cost of one square meter of the trading area in the markets should not be above cost of rent of one square meter of the trading area in the state shop;

4. Non-admission increases of the existing fixed rates of the tax for individual businessmen under the Decree project «About the uniform tax …»;

5. Modification of Decrees of President RB № 14 from 04.08.97 and № 15 from 04.09.98, excluding confiscation of the goods. The property should be inviolable;

6. The beginning of real negotiations with Strike Committee of entrepreneurs;

7. Dismissal of the Minister of Justice of Belarus for red tape and bureaucratic in registration of the Belarus Trade union of entrepreneurs;

8. Dismissal of employees of militia stirring to work of trade union of entrepreneurs in market “Dynamo” in Minsk;

9. Increase of average wages and pension to 100 US dollars a month, grants to students to 60 US dollars by May, 2001.

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs,

The chairman of the Belarus Trade union

of entrepreneurs Valery Levaneuski

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