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May 17th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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Attention! The false bulletin “Employer” №12

17.05.2001 years in many markets, including, Minsk “Dynamo” carries by not established citizens the bulletin “Employer” №12 with the information on carrying over of national political strike of entrepreneurs with 18 for May, 29th, 2001. It is pure water the provocation organized at possible participation special Services and our former colleagues on trade-union movement.

Bulletin “Entrepreneur” №12 as of 17.05.2001 us was not issued. It is necessary to detain and hand over in bodies of militia of the persons extending it.

Strike 18.05.2001 will take place at any coincidence of circumstances, not looking on any provocations and reprisals concerning a management of Strike committee (about it is more detailed in the bulletin “Employer”).

It is amusing! As are afraid of us the power. For the first time for all history of oppositional movement they forge oppositional editions. Means, our bulletin something costs!

As to entrepreneurs to whom to like the policy of the state in the field of business development, and they leave to work, apparently, them and will check first of all tax and others the inspector throughout all 2001.

Valery Levaneuski

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