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October 22nd, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

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Participation in a seminar-training of women from «The Mercy Spring» (photo)

Participation in a seminar-training of women from «The Mercy Spring»20, 21, 22 on October, 2001 in Grodno there passed a seminar-training «Training of women-trailblazers to skills of a management». Among 30 participants of a seminar from Grodno public female organization «Mercy Spring» three women were trained.

The basic questions which have been put before participants of training and have successfully been solved are the following:

1. Creation of group of trailblazers. Who we are and how we will work together.

2. Vision of the problems standing ahead. What inspires and supports women of trailblazers?

3. Overcoming of obstacles. Where we would like to move? What do stop us? How do we move forward?

The training purpose: is to prepare self-assured, running risks women-trailblazers. And the most important thing for us was a preparation for individual work and work in group, creation of programs and the strategy considering gender features, called to have positive influence for a life of women and men.
Summing up to three-day training, it is possible to draw a conclusion, that the ideal image of the woman of the leader should include following basic lines: like boldness, persistence, charm, literacy and professionalism, working capacity, ability to interest, affect and to lead behind itself, purposefulness, possibility to see a way of the decision to desperate situations, flexibility, initiative, ability to cope with failures and to correct them, ability to expect a situation, ability to work with the information, sense of humor. And it is especially important, that the woman-trailblazer had such qualities, as: ability to give rise to idea, imagination, ability to analyze result, good physical health, an all-around development, intelligence, ability to address to an audience, good reputation, an economic solvency, responsibility for others and for, positive image, non-standard vision of situations, ability to risk, ability to perceive criticism.

The seminar program was rather versatile and sated. On October, 22nd after study-training we have visited Gallery Tizengauza where admired a display of paintings and enjoyed a chorus concert «Batckauchyna».

We thank organizers of the given seminar and, first of all, female public organisation «Woman a harmony». Thanks to this seminar we have essentially expanded the outlook in the field of public work of women, have got acquainted with interesting people and have received a lot of the new information which is useful to us in the near future.

We have invited to ourselves the teachers-trainers holding the given seminar, and on October, 23rd hospitably met at myself at office American Barbara. She has been pleasantly surprised by our sweet table. The pie baked by Svetlana Rymsha from «A mercy Spring» was the main ornament of a table. We have told about in what our organization is engaged, that us excites most of all as we resolve the problems. Barbara long admired with what clever and talented women are in our organization and among us many mums having many children.



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