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March 30th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

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Seleznev’s resignation is dictated by time

We result the text of the post card of Valery Levaneuski to Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Dear sirs, much of you consider Belarus almost as the Russian province.

A.Lukashenka’s propaganda rhetoric and his supporters have made at many of you impression, that Belarus is such silent quiet islet of prosperity where the president is the, almost “Russian the regular guy”, A.Lukashenka. However this erroneous “romantic” impression about Belarus mismatches the validity and can lead you to bitter disappointment.

I represent to you, extended among entrepreneurs of Belarus, other point of view on the processes occurring in Belarus, distinct from that which offers you the present government of Belarus and A.Lukashenka.

I address to you on behalf of a so-called Russian-speaking part of the population of Belarus. Historically so has developed, that the population of our countries are very close ethnically; approximately 80 inhabitants of Belarus have relatives in Russia. For centuries of residing in the uniform state there was a rapprochement of our people and their languages, for today about 95 population of Belarus speaks in Russian with an impurity of local Belarus words, such language we often name “trasjanka”. In spite of the fact that radio and a teleimage of Belarus time most part conducts transfers in the Belarus language, the population great bulk speaks on “trasjanka”, i.e. actually in Russian. Should notice, that the majority of the population of our republic concerns Russia really as to the brotherly country, and about any animosities there is no also a speech.

However in today’s Belarus there are also nationalists, the basis of their political view is made of Russophobes, or the Antirussian and Antirussian performances. Aspiring by all means including violently, to revive the Belarus language, and will force all population to speak in the Belarus language they, besides, spread animosities to all Russian and Russian. The basic Antirussian forces in Belarus are two Belarus popular fronts (BNF) and others close to them on spirit of party and public organizations. Owing to variety of the developed circumstances these forces have headed in due time movement oppositional to communism in Belarus in the early nineties, however eventually their radical slogans have pushed away the population most part, influence of BNF and their adherents considerably Has fallen.

Nevertheless, nationalists in Belarus and represent today considerable political force which, in case of A.Lukashenko leaving can take dominating positions. It is necessary to notice, that some short-sighted Russian politicians by A.Lukashenka’s reckless supporting strengthen positions of nationalists, thereby create preconditions for coming to power of political forces frankly hostile to Russia, that, finally, contradicts interests of Russia.

Because we speak in one language and the information field of Russia is accessible to each citizen of Belarus we see, that Russia, not without problems, but moves towards democracy, an openness of a society and market reforms. At the same time in Belarus actually restorated command-administrative system, Belarus is today the reduced model of Soviet Union. A.Lukashenka has restored everything, instead of the CPSU the same role is played by his “vertical”, the repressive device works also as in days of communism, A.Lukashenka is I.Stalin in a miniature. Belarus has turned to communistic reserve on open spaces CIS with some scenery of democratic character.

On passed in 2001 presidential elections some of you have worked hard, with the purpose the power in Belarus still had A.Lukashenka. The chairman of the State Duma of Russia Gennady Seleznev repeatedly came to Belarus and acted on TV of Belarus with appeals to vote for A.Lukashenka, while access of opponents of A.Lukashenka to a teleimage of Belarus has been actually closed. I think, for you it is not a secret, that OSCE did not recognize elections fair and corresponding to the international norms of democracy, moreover in our opinion which coincides with opinion of independent western observers, elections have been forged. These conclusions are based not on someone’s conclusions, and on own supervision, as participant of pre-election struggle, as aboriginal of Belarus. But representatives of Russia, in the basic communists, have considered, that elections fair. To us was insulting to see, how the citizen of other state, communist Seleznev roughly breaking the selective legislation of Belarus, interfered with selective process. To us it was insulting, that friendly for Belarus the state Russia hands of the citizens though also communists strengthens in Belarus a totalitarian mode. But it is fine communists, to them give the power; they would restore communistic usages in all Russia, but other deputies of the State Duma of Russia!

Really they do not see, that Belarus, thanking their supports, has turned to communistic “sediment bowl”! Really they do not understand, that they support of dictatorship in Belarus. It is possible to result many examples confirming it, but I will result only one: We in Belarus know deputies of the Russian State Duma, than deputies of the national parliament is much better. Deputies of the Russian State Duma really discuss something, and your Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky even periodically waters the colleagues from a decanter and drags for hair. Deputies of our national “pocket” parliament, on hearings, confirm decisions of administration of the president. Anyway, on TV of Belarus anybody from them anything about problems of Belarus has not told, we at all do not know, in what language they speak, and whether they are able to discuss in general something. You pay attention, when you meet deputies of parliament of Belarus about what with them it is possible to speak? Only about about what it our so-called “father” has resolved. You ask them, what is Belarus system? What reforms do in Belarus go? How is in Belarus with a freedom of speech? Why president of Belarus anybody in the Western Europe does not wish to see? If any of you really tries to talk to our deputies or with any other high-ranking officials very soon will understand, before it the people who do not have any powers, intimidated, intimidated, and knowing, that if somebody will tell something against, he will instantly lose the post.

I understand, that many of you had an impression, that just about there will be an association of Belarus to Russia and in it a main role will play A.Lukashenka We will be frank, association, would mean it, that Belarus becomes one of the Russian regions, such, for example, as Tatarstan, it would mean, that A.Lukashenka would lose the unlimited powers in Belarus. But you badly know ours “Grigorich”, he never with anybody will not share the power, for the sake of preservation of the power it will go on everything since knows, that as soon as it will lose the control over the judicial and law-enforcement power of Belarus, he should answer before the law. And it has palmed off on you “a long-playing cud” in a kind of “the allied state”.

Does somebody from you can tell, what is it? For us it is clear, that it allows receiving cheap energy carriers from Russia, that your Paul Borodin was in prison in America in Switzerland, on hearings, like in vain and have released. And all. The part, from you, having got on this simple “integration bait”, aspires to support in every possible way the main integrator of Belarus, the authoritative mode thereby is sponsored and serious problems for the majority of citizens of Belarus are created.

You remember that command-management system, existing in days of Soviet Union, could not provide a comprehensible standard of life of the population, and that at almost unlimited natural resources. In our opinion, today’s Russia from this system has refused. But then what for it is necessary in Belarus? Because communist Seleznev, is friend of A.Lukashenka? Unless Belarus is an ancestral lands of communistic fraction of the State Duma of Russia?

Dear sirs, we speak in one language, we have much in common, we are actually relatives. We feed sincere friendly feelings for the Russian, Russian people, but we wish suit the life, if, the destiny has dissolved us on the different states. We do not wish to be guinea pigs of the Russian communists.

For this purpose we have strong reasons about which it is possible to speak separately.

You, by A.Lukashenka’s thoughtless support strengthen the Antirussian and Antirussian forces in Belarus.
Responsibility for it is born by your chairman Gennady Seleznev. We surprises, why Russia going forward on a way of democracy and market reforms has at the head of a legislature of the orthodox communist.

Yours faithfully.

Valery Levaneuski.

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