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April 16th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

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“Fights” on NTV. One zero in favor of Savik Shuster

12 April 2002 on NTV in program of Savik Shuster «Freedom of speech” inhabitants of Belarus could see A.Lukashenka in a role unusual to him. Till now on a national teleimage all saw it in a role of “the strict father» preaching to careless officials or in a role of all-knowing infallible “teacher” of instructions giving to everybody. Because in Belarus it is allowed to nobody to object A.Lukashenka, this transfer has caused special interest since all understood – in the Belarus spectator there will be not a typical monologue of A.Lukashenka  and bothered to all, but any discussion.

In program Savik Shuster has given A.Lukashenka possibility to show “eloquence” before an ill-matched Russian audience where have been presented as its ardent supporters, basically communists, and the opponents representing various political trends of Russia. Besides, in Minsk, on one of the central areas the microphone has been established, gathered near it was offered to answer discussed questions.

Savik Shuster has begun this transfer with words: «the Overwhelming majority of citizens of Russia and Belarus for the union but what will be this uniform state, does not know anybody. Today we will try to find out it, as the protagonist from us in the program, the president of Belarus».

Really, within several years politicians of Russia and Belarus speak about any “union” or «the allied state», during time do not know, what this?

Having considered, that citizens of Russia and Belarus only also dream, that in “something” it is obligatory to unite, Savik Shuster has brought participants of discussion an attention to the question: «What is, from your point of view, one main obstacle today in the course of association of Russia and Belarus? »

Victor Pohmelkin, the leader of party Liberal Russia has answered this question: «I consider the main obstacle to association it is that political mode which was established in Belarus by Alexander Grigorevich Lukashenka».

Sergey Glazyev, the deputy of the State Duma, the communist: «For ten years of our struggle for restoration of the allied state we well know motives of opponents, there are, first of all the Russian oligarchical clans which parasitize on assignment of our national riches and which are afraid of the president of Belarus Lukashenka, that he will put things in order, will select the natural rent, will force natural resources, to work. … and second, these corrupted officials who does not want national bodies, are afraid of control strengthening».

Konstantin Borovoj, the leader of Economic Freedom party: «it seems to me, here not observance of principles of a freedom of speech, human rights, and such universal principles which, unfortunately, discredit now not only Belarus, but also Russia, here this obstacle».

Throughout an hour Savik Shuster gave the chance to express the opinion on this question and other Russian participants of transfer, but, as a matter of fact, they repeated two positions, it is of Victor Pohmelkin and Sergey Glazyev position, liberal Pohmelkin and communist Glazyev, it as though two Russian sides.

A.Lukashenka was the third, key figure in this discussion, basically from it Russians waited for answers to the put questions.

Representatives of opposition of Belarus as the power was represented personally by A.Lukashenka should be the fourth party, on idea. Attempt to present though any representatives of the people of Belarus Savik Shuster has made, has put in Minsk a microphone with correspondent Alexander Kolpakov, and has collected “crowd”, but acting from this crowd have made such depressing impression that became insulting for Belarus. Simply it is not clear, what for oppositionists from BNF have come if they have nothing to say/

After their “performance” in the following program of NTV “Recently” 14 April the leader of this program has drawn a conclusion, that the opposition of Belarus is weak because the majority of oppositionists have emigrated abroad. But we know, that there was head of BNF Vincus Vjachorka, but, similar, he is valid except how to shout «The shame! » is able nothing.

So, the anchorman, Savik Shuster, with representatives of four basic parties has decided to find out two major questions:

1. What will be the uniform state?

2. What main obstacle in the course of association of Russia and Belarus?

For finding-out of true Savik asks A.Lukashenka the first question:” whether there is this union the union under the form, and, as a matter of fact, it will be integration of Belarus into Russia?».

Savik has asked a question very diplomatically, as a matter of fact it was possible to ask much easier, namely: whether A.Lukashenka agrees joining of Belarus to Russia? It would seem, yes, or not. But here our Sasha in a manner peculiar to him has started to direct «a shade at a wattle fence». We will give of his word: «you know, it that does not become, because it is that cannot. Because this union will be under construction on principles of international law and the conventional principles at realization of such unions …».

It is asked, what are principles at realization of such unions? It that will be the union or the uniform state? What is the union on principles of equality? If this uniform state, how in it can be two governments? If two central banks where will print money? We were witnesses of reunion of Germany, we see, how the countries of Europe incorporate. About what A.Lukashenka speaks? How GDR has joined Germany? About the European Union or about any other principles known only to him?

Let’s address to that his ardent supporter has told, communist Sergey Glazyev. In his opinion, they (communists) for 10 years struggle for restoration of the allied state and the Russian oligarchical clans which are afraid oppose to it, that A.Lukashenka will start to select at all of them. Glazyev, all the same, means restoration of the uniform allied state (Soviet Union), in which A.Lukashenka, read: « … will put things in order, will select the natural rent … ». Means, in its opinion, at the head of this allied state there should be A.Lukashenka, differently as it will select all? At what all demagogy about any principles of international law? For what here to muddle! Clearly, is that A.Lukashenka would agree«spot of driving»the incorporated state (the restored Soviet Union), and communists of Russia want it. But A.Lukashenka cannot tell about it openly since in it« the restored Soviet Union »under its management the place to the present president of Russia V.Putin is not present. And to be a part of Russia as Tatarstan, yes you that! Same, as he said imperial ambitions! Who it then will be in Russia? Who will listen to its pearls of eloquence?

Basically both liberals, and legal experts of Russia for joining of Belarus to Russia, but only they mean joining, or occurrence in structure of Russia, and A.Lukashenka absolutely another.

In general, all discussion can be characterized so: «One about Foma, another about Erema». The most interesting, that this “market” lasts already 7years and the end it is not visible to it, in Belarus already named it «an integration cud». Well, it is pleasant to them to chew, let chew. There is no need to result all statements of participants of this transfer, they if to them have given time, still for a long time “chewed” this cud and so about what and not «chewed». I think, Savik Shuster and the majority of the Russian participants of after this discussion has transfer, there was a sensation, that at them “noodles” on ears so our “father” “has dissolved” them, it in this respect the expert. Unfortunately, Belarus in this discussion was presented only by one A.Lukashenka. In Belarus the population nearby 10 million, by the way, instead of 12 as confirms A.Lukashenka, and anyway, among these 10 million opinion of “father” is divided far not by everyone, including the author of this article.

During discussion Victor Pohmelkin has mentioned a question on a freedom of speech and democracy in Belarus, he has told: «In Belarus the freedom of speech today is absolutely curtailed, it is obvious … parliamentary is destroyed, possibility to act is not present, one president acts”.

On what A.Lukashenka has told: «… I advise to you, now to arrive … I reproach you that you at all do not own personally a situation in our country. You have seen enough and had heard plenty of forced films and hand-written a different sort of articles. Come, look. Keep in mind that I am ready to meet you in any situation and you to dissuade within one day …».

We know about A.Lukashenka’s abilities to give out «on mountain» aphorisms, to result «terrible arguments», to name white black and on the contrary, we citizens of Belarus already to it have got used, us not to surprise. We know, that if attentively to listen and ponder upon that about what it speaks, it is possible to understand «well very interesting things». For example: forced films and hand-written articles which have ostensibly misled Victor Pohmelkina about democracy in Belarus. Victor Pohmelkin was in Belarus 3 years ago, and, probably really judges democracy in Belarus on forced films and hand-written articles, and it was necessary, according to A.Lukashenka, to look not forced films and not hand-written articles. And we, citizens of Belarus here live, to us what films to look and what articles to read about democracy in Belarus? Personally it was necessary to stay behind a lattice in October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno for the organization of not authorized meeting. Well it is fine, I have already stayed, but on April, 12th when there was this transfer, in Leninski District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno in a temporary detention facility in the chamber №14 my good familiar journalist Anzhej Pisalnik who has sat down there that has supported a freedom of speech and in protection of other journalists sat. I already, guilty business have thought, that from A.Lukashenko something “happens”, and he has ordered to let out all journalists. Next day after transfer we have gone to check up, how there ours Anzhej Pisalnik. Also what you think? Sits our Anzhej in the chamber №14 and “enjoys” Belarus “democracy” and “freedom of speech”. Interestingly, as though it is A.Lukashenka has managed Victor Pohmelkin to dissuade within one day? Precisely to plant for days? So come Victor Pohmelkin look not forced films and not hand-written articles in the chamber, all can in the same 14.

And, at last, it is necessary to comment on statement of Savik Shuster that the overwhelming majority of citizens of Russia and Belarus for the union. I can not confirm anything about citizens of Russia, let figures of Russia speak about them, but as to citizens of Belarus it mismatches the validity.

Though I am Speak-in-russian citizen of Belarus and I do not divide Antirussian and Antirussian moods of local nationalists from BNF, I consider that if there was such state Belarus it should be as the independent state.

Russia still is, now, in a difficult transition period. The economy only gets out of crisis; democracy has not got stronger yet, in a society struggle between communists and democrats proceeds. Even participants of this transfer liberal Victor Pohmelkin and communist Sergey Glazyev, both Russians, clash among themselves. And what if Russia will be won again by communists? What, again Belarussians will “master” Siberia? And who in general in history asked opinions of citizens of Belarus when have destroyed all Belarus intelligency when Bolsheviks made revolution when Yeltsin and the company disorganized Soviet Union? And anybody! To citizens of Belarus the role of observers while their destiny dared was taken away. In Russia, in my opinion, there are many events which contradict common sense. For example, war in the Chechen Republic. Russians about it can tell much something, but this war is perceived by us so: At first Chechens have armed, then with them have started to be at war! Concerning the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin – really in all Russia there was no sober man on a post of the president? Such examples it is possible to result much, and from them the conclusion for Belarussians arises by itself: Will suffice to be “toys” of someone’s short-sighted politicians, it is necessary to solve the destiny!

It would be desirable to address to the Russian politicians:

Misters Russians, communists, democrats, liberals and others: if you like our A.Lukashenka so, take it to itself, it, in our opinion and according to independent European observers is not the legitimate president of Belarus since elections at support of the Russian communists has forged.

But we will return to transfer. It is necessary to give due to organizers of the program: many have seen A.Lukashenka, trying to “get out”, many Belarussians have seen frankly dissembling A.Lukashenka. Everyone has drawn the conclusions.

It is possible to tell, that Savik Shuster having caused on A.Lukashenka’s revelations has won this meeting, and with it and all of us, Belarussians.


Valery Levaneuski.

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