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October 25th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

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The reference to entrepreneurs

Dear entrepreneurs! Strike of entrepreneurs of Belarus, begun with October, 1st 2002 has ended. Many of you ask: “That strike has given? Why it has ended? What waits for entrepreneurs of Belarus in 2003? Why after strike has ended, the power needed to arrest chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski? Etc.”

Should notice, that, answering your questions, I state position of Strike Committee, and it can not coincide with opinion of other enterprise structures, both registered, and not registered and with opinion of journalists of some periodicals. So, I answer your question: “Who all the same was the organizer of strike and why it has not taken place with 1 September 2002?”

In Strike committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus which for some years exist, only entrepreneurs and consequently they do not need to explain a situation with the legislation. When the government has decided to enter cash registers and settlement accounts at once it became clear to us, that for the majority it is the end of their enterprise activity. However, at decision-making on the strike beginning, we were guided by one: “do not do much harm!” If in September still it was possible to work, Strike committee has not supported intention of some leaders to declare strike with 1 September and, really, from September strike it has turned out in “nothing”.

In September Strike committee of entrepreneurs, in attempt to solve our problems, has held numerous meetings with representatives of the various ministries and departments, members of parliament, sent to their address of the letter with a statement of our problems, participated in discussion of problems with participation of interested parties. Having convinced, that the authorities do not go on any concessions, Strike Committee has made the decision: to declare strike with 1 October 2002 when should be to begin mass introduction of cash registers and opening of settlement accounts.

It is not surprising, that after the strike beginning, some figures of the local scale having rather remote relation to businessmen, tried to head strike, representing thus rough activity.

Who are they really? What they pursue the aims? It is known, that in attempts to strengthen the power, A.G.Lukashenka took under the control almost all public organizations of Belarus. So, for example, as a result of a outrunning combination, “wheel” of Federation of trade unions of Belarus had an assistant to head of the Office of the President Leonid Kozik. By the way, the international trade-union association recommended: “… to break off all relations with false-trade unions Lukashenka and to give up to them in the international recognition”. Under the fulfilled scheme, with the strike beginning, such “co-coordinators-goats” have appeared almost in each settlement where there are markets. Their purpose one – to withdraw entrepreneurs from a policy, to create visibility of negotiating process, mix in problems of entrepreneurs, not to give to entrepreneurs to get organized.

As an example it is possible to result the fact published in a press. 24 October in the newspaper of Grodno and the Grodno area “The information Stock exchange” has been published Natalia Makushinoj’s article “Business… Business? Business”. And so, we read the beginning of this article:

“Meetings in October. The delegation of the Grodno area from public association” Club of businessmen “has visited Poland and Germany where met representatives of associations and the unions of employers of these countries. Has headed our representation the head of department of economy of regional executive committee G.Leshchuk.”
Who has attentively read this article that should ask a question: “As it is delegation from public association” Club of entrepreneurs “has headed the head of department of economy of regional executive committee G.Leshchuk? Can all Grodno entrepreneurs are officials of executive committees? Then” the Club of entrepreneurs “is structure of regional executive committee! Further in this article how” entrepreneurs with regional executive committee «concluded contracts on cooperation with the Union of entrepreneurs of Sulentsinsky povet (Poland) is described and the Union of area Oder of Spree (Germany) etc. Arises a question:” Really and the Unions of entrepreneurs of Poland and Germany is too officials of their executive committees? Then what for to regional executive committee structures to “mask” under entrepreneurs? Or A.G.Lukashenka is too the entrepreneur? “Further in this article it was described, how these” entrepreneurs “hung up” noodles “everything, to the representative of the United Nations N.Bune, Swedes I.Nilson and K.Erikson, etc.

Why as an example this is resulted “Club of entrepreneurs”?

Valery Levaneuski since 23 October leaves 15 days arrest for not authorised meeting, and in it big “merit” of this “club”. We discussed with it the possible scenario of such event, he knew that will try to set it and “will help” from “club”. When the strike has begun, many of you were in ignorance and did not know what to do further, what in general conditions. It would seem, collect meeting or meeting and answer all questions, explain a situation. But it only, apparently, actually the authorities did all to block information receipt to entrepreneurs. It became in several directions. First, under the statement of some correspondents of the state mass-media, with it it has been strictly forbidden to shine a course of enterprise strike. Secondly, neither meeting, nor meeting of the power did not resolve. In the third, distributors of “entrepreneur’ detained more than 10 times and have confiscated all copies.

Thus, there is a situation: entrepreneurs, participants of strike gather, wish to know, what occurs. Valery Levaneuski as chairman of Strike Committee, would like to answer questions of entrepreneurs, but is impossible, there and then will plant for days! Nearby an opera with television cameras and Dictaphones, “will instantly fix” its performance. Here also there are “stool pigeons” from “club” and start to “grunt”, it is possible for them, on them the report will not make. Distribute the leaflets where paint “merits” in struggle for entrepreneurs, namely when and to what office went about what spoke from nothing solving officials, have forgotten, the truth to write what toilet visited, man’s or female. We with Valery stood, looked at these “ducks”, listened to their “quacking”, and Valery was not kept, has started to interfere. It was visible, as an opera have included television cameras, shooting for court has begun. Then on court all it was carefully considered, “quacking of ducks” was not noticed, the sound “vanished”.

The stool pigeon has played a bait role, its role “to quacking” and to allure “extraction” though she could and not know about the role, but it’s done, Valery Levaneuski is in prison.

In other cities of Belarus there were the “goats” and “ducks”, but they have one purpose, is to mislead businessmen, not to give them possibility to understand, who the true originator of their problems? We know such “goats” in Minsk, Brest, Gomel, Mogilyov and Grodno, we know, who supports them, who push them.

If to listen to them, they like too for entrepreneurs, in what all the same your differences in principle?

Really, in words they too for entrepreneurship development, for entrepreneurs, but are available basic divergences in sights.

Their position – is A.G.Lukashenka for entrepreneurship development, but it simply does not know, that local officials “bend” a stick. They mislead him. It turns out – “tsar” is good, kind, and here officials badly work, from here are problems of entrepreneurs. As consequence of such position – is no any political requirements, any political estimation.

Position of Strike Committee – A.G.Lukashenka has rather primitive idea about the world and a society, about ways of development of Belarus. It holds all under the control, but is guided thus only by one, any way to keep the power. Problems of entrepreneurs and all Belarus as a whole, it is its result internal and foreign policy. We speak openly: “All reason in it while A.G.Lukashenka will be at the power, entrepreneurs will have constant problems, and Belarus never will get out of crisis. This is our firm belief”.

Strike Committee estimates this situation so: those who considers “tsar” good and kind, they are either near people or cowards. Most likely, they “thresh under the fool” I to receive any time benefits, for example, that their organizations have registered, for it them name “constructive”. Today in Belarus weight of the “pocket” “constructive” organizations and structures from which I pound as from a goat of milk. Council about entrepreneurship development, committees on entrepreneurship and investments, councils, the unions, also what? You about them heard something? They for you have made something? Go on offices and toilets, about something speak, and all! All such people, as the assistant to the President on economic questions Sergey Pavlovich Tkachev solve. Strike Committee and its chairman Valery Levaneuski call things by their proper names, “under the fool do not thresh”, speak the truth. For it we have ranked to “irreconcilable” or “not constructive”, for it Valery is in prison! For the truth!

You met some members of parliament, officials of the government and executive committees, really they do not understand, what without development of entrepreneurship Belarus never will get out of poverty?

Competent people – are the majority of them, but are far not all have courage to state the point of view and to defend it, there is a real threat instantly to lose a post. Some as it has been told earlier, and “thresh under the fool”, but many start to “begin to see clearly”. You know, with what carefulness deputies in the House of Representatives, apparently, they there stole up will be only and to do, that all to “approve”. And here is not present, it has appeared, the most part of deputies began to think of an event in the country, to analyze, set questions.

Personally met and talked to the deputy of the House of Representatives Valery Dmitrievich Frolov. They thought, that it the general, and he has started to think! As the strong person respecting the puppet role has ceased to arrange it, and he tries to be valid the Member of Parliament. I consider, any sane politician, especially the general, is capable to understand and estimate, who is who in Belarus, and such becomes more and more both in Parliament and in the Government and in local executive committees.

What waits for businessmen in the near future?

On the basis of results of discussion of our problems with representatives of the power, including, with representatives of Ministry of Economics, members of parliament, officials of Grodno regional executive committee , and also on the basis of the documents published in the press, representatives of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs have come to conclusion:

1. The decision of the power on introduction of cash registers, on opening of settlement accounts is accepted on the top, their introduction – is a matter of time.

2. The purpose of introduction of cash registers, according to officials, – to take under the rigid state control all cash money resources rotating in sphere of trade in a small-scale business, i.e. from businessmen. From their words, these cash money resources make 30 % from all “cash” of Belarus. They, ostensibly, threaten state security and should be in banks of Belarus.

3. Because the majority of entrepreneurs has gone on strike and has raised the question about impossibility of introduction of cash registers open-air, process of introduction of cash registers and settlement accounts has been postponed and will stretch in time. It is provided, in the beginning – cash registers are entered in the arranged well premises, and then – all entrepreneurs should pass to work in the arranged well premises where cash registers are obligatory. A final analysis – all entrepreneurs with cash registers.

It is easy to understand, that the purpose of the given action of the Government consists that under the pretext of introduction of cash registers and settlement accounts to make withdrawal of money resources of entrepreneurs then to use them at own discretion.

In connection with told, Strike Committee considers: “Though the authorities have broken realization of the plan, the bases for self-complacency are not present”.

Money in the budget is not present! Obviously, in the near future, for the purpose of search of money, this plan will be carried out, so, entrepreneurs need to be ready, in case of need, again to strike! To decapitate strike movement, the power has gone on arrest of its leader, Valery Levaneuski.

Dear entrepreneurs with since 16.00 23 October chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus is under arrest in detention centre (the third chamber) October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno of ph. 440129, duty on District Internal Affairs Department ph. 770176.

From the moment of arrest he has gone on hunger strike. Keep him by calls, transfer of drinks (juice). He struggles for himself, for you, for Belarus! Support him!

Arrest term expires in 16/00 7 November, come to meet!

Yours faithfully the deputy chairman of Strike committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus
Alexander Vasilieu 25.10.2002

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