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August 26th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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In Minsk there has passed meeting of entrepreneurs (photo)

In Minsk there has passed meeting of entrepreneursOn August, 26th, 2002 in Minsk there has passed meeting in protection of economic and other rights of entrepreneurs. Meeting was spent at the initiative of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus. On meeting has come approximately at 15-20 more than declared (100 persons have been declared, has come about 2000 thousand).

Meeting was spent at the initiative of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus.

Despite provocations from workers of special services and active workers of Free trade union, meeting has taken place. On meeting has come approximately at 15-20 more than declared (100 persons have been declared, has come about 2000 thousand).

On meeting report of information Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus has been sounded:

- About carrying over of the beginning of national strike of entrepreneurs since September, 1st, 2002 for October, 1st, 2002,

- About national political one-day strikes of entrepreneurs on September, 11th, 2002,

- About support of the Minsk entrepreneurs from exhibitions and entrepreneurs of other markets, decided to begin strike with 1 September 2002.

On meeting it was accepted two resolutions. One is political, second is economic. And the political resolution has been accepted by the first and almost unanimously. Against the political resolution 15-20 persons have acted only approximately.



Resolutions are applied:

The resolution of meeting of entrepreneurs (political)

Lately there was more and more obvious an inaccuracy and the spent A.G.Lukashenka’s inconsistency of a policy in all spheres.

Foreign policy result – the country has got to the international isolation, no serious external investments are present, and in the near future will not be.

Result of internal economic policy – practical bankruptcy of the majority of the enterprises of the industry.

Result of a management of agriculture – “heroic” fights with a crop in collapsing collective farms.

All these “achievements” are presented as conclusive successes, as the invented A.G.Lukashenka’s advantages of the Belarus way of development.

At the heart of this way the statement lays spread by the state mass-media and official propagation, that the cleverest, wisest, most all-knowing leader of Belarus is A.G.Lukashenka.

It is possible to assert, that to all signs, on A.G.Lukashenka’s cult of personality, on a state system, in relation to a private property and to entrepreneurs, on observance of the rights of the citizens – a today’s Belarus way of development, it is a Stalin or Bolshevist way. Social development of Belarus is turned back, Bolshevist experiment in Belarus proceeds eight years.

As the result of this policy – approaches full economic ruin of Belarus and absence of means in the budget.

Instead of encouraging the private initiative and entrepreneurship development, in Belarus in relation to entrepreneurs the frank genocide is spent.

Instead of creating in the condition country when citizens could, to the extent of the abilities, to work and earn, such bureaucratic barriers, such “confiscatory” and “distributive” slingshots are created when it is already favorable to nobody to do something.

Having shown, full inability to make the correct political decisions, full inability to supervise over the country for the good of the citizens, the government and the President have passed to a frank robbery of the citizens, namely, under cover of acts, to withdrawal of money resources and the goods at entrepreneurs. Thereby, the government and the President try to ruin entrepreneurs and definitively to make all citizens of Belarus equally poor.

On the basis of the told it is decided:

1. To recognize A.G.Lukashenka’s economic policy insolvent and directed on blasting of well-being of own people.

2. To recognize A.G.Lukashenka’s foreign policy, the led Belarus isolation, to erroneous, mismatching interests of citizens and bringing damage to all people.

3. To declare that, in connection with rough infringements of the standard international norms at re-election for the second term, A.G.Lukashenka has no moral and legal rights on change of the status of Belarus and the conclusion of the international contracts calling in question its sovereignty.

4. To recognize, that any pre-election pledge, concerning increase of a standard of life of the citizens of A.G.Lukashenka has not executed.

5. To recognize policy of A.G.Lukashenka in relation to entrepreneurs – as a genocide.

We demand:

1. from parliament – according to Constitution RB to excite process of “impeachment”, the reschedule termination of powers of president A.G.Lukashenka.

2. from the government – to incur time duties on an operational administration the country and to begin preparation for reschedule presidential elections.

3. From the government and parliament – to cancel all planned changes in the legislation worsening conditions of activity of entrepreneurs.

It is accepted on meeting 26.08.2002 Minsk.

The resolution of meeting 26.08.2002 (economic)

Today in a small-scale entrepreneurship it is anyhow involved more than 600.000 persons whom taxes regularly pay.

Many, yesterday’s schoolboys, students, working, engineers, go in entrepreneurs only that cannot get a job or support itself and the family.

That bad what the person tries to create to itself a workplace that not asking from the state?

The yesterday’s teacher, the doctor, military, the engineer decided to become the entrepreneurs, pays more than 200.000 rubles of taxes and other payments in a month (taxes, rent etc.), for the right to be engaged in the business.

The employee of state machinery, the worker of state enterprise, the collective farmer pays in 3-5 times of fewer taxes. Moreover, the state, or the employer spends huge means for creation and the maintenance of the given workplace.

In the entire world, except Belarus, development of small entrepreneurship – it is the primary goal of machinery of state.

The state has created rather confused, clumsy system of the account and the reporting in a small-scale entrepreneurship. Annually many thousand entrepreneurs were ruined, exposed to criminal and administrative prosecution only that could not understand the confused tax laws. Us forced all goods turnover to specify, how the net profit, otherwise, the property was confiscated from us.

Confiscation of property waited also for those who has incorrectly written down something, has committed an error in recalculation or did not take with itself what or “piece of paper”.

The backward bank system, huge percent for cash service, impossibility in practice freely and operatively to dispose of the money for accounts in banks, do impossible use of bank accounts for entrepreneurship dealing.

For correct business management, it is necessary for businessman to have the bookkeeper, the lawyer, the cashier, that in a small-scale entrepreneurship where the businessman works independently, or has some workers on hiring, simply to have it is impossible.

For the purpose of simplification conducting all this accounts department throughout several years we achieved introduction of the uniform tax. The sense of the uniform tax consists that we pay the certain sum of the uniform tax to month forward, and the state releases us from conducting the obligatory account, settlement accounts in bank and other operations of demanding special knowledge or complicating work of the entrepreneurs.

In May, 2001, after carrying out of some protest actions including political, the uniform tax has been imposed. Introduction of the given uniform tax has allowed removing the basic problems in a small-scale entrepreneurship, connected with realization of enterprise activity, to increase in number of entrepreneurs and increase to receipt of taxes more than twice.

Recently position of entrepreneurs began to worsen considerably. The idea of payment of the uniform tax began to be emasculated. From us introduction of cash registers, unprofitable, registered in tax bodies again demand, settlement accounts in banks, in the form of local taxes, deductions additional requisitions are entered into a pension fund, the inventory of subjects of obligatory certification is essentially increased. If to consider, that purchasing capacity of the population falls, real unemployment promptly grows, an overhead charge connected with realization of enterprise activity (a bribe, rent of trading places, purchase of cash registers, increase in cost of energy carriers etc.) grows to become clear why employment by enterprise activity loses any sense.

We support increases in number of tax bearers, creation of normal conditions for small entrepreneurship, the terminations official and a judicial arbitrariness concerning entrepreneurs.

On the basis of the above-stated we demand:

1. To cancel cash summarizing devices, for persons paying the uniform tax.

1.1. cash summarizing devices it is supposed to establish only in specially equipped, warmed premises accepted by the commission.

1.2. To admit use cash summarizing devices only for delivery of the document confirming purchase.

2. To cancel obligatory opening of settlement account for persons paying the uniform tax.

3. To reconsider position about social insurance for entrepreneurs.

We offer three variants:

- To leave, as was earlier – June, 2002.

- To raise payments in a pension fund from the uniform tax.

- To enter memory system into Euro. The businessman pays to 10 euros a month. Money is stored on the special account. In case of death of the payer money passes to successors.

4. To accept acts:

- Limiting unreasonably high and unreasonable rates of rent of trading places,

- Obliging the lesser to give to the tenant accounting of cost of rent of a trading place (sq. meter of asphalt, boxing, pavilion, a desktop etc.)

- Legislatively to fix the size of a trading place for calculation of the uniform tax. We suggest establishing this size-20 м2. In a case if the lesser gives only 10 м2 the sum of the uniform tax should decrease proportionally.

- Obliging the lesser to make contracts with the tenant for long terms, it is without dependence rented the asphalted platform, or a trading place.

5. Essential decrease in assortment of the goods realized in the markets, fairs, exhibitions of a subject of obligatory certification and hygienic registration. We suggest leaving in assortment only the children’s goods and a foodstuff.

5.1. Depreciation of certification and hygienic registration three times.

5.2. Acceleration of procedure of certification and hygienic registration. The given procedure should not exceed three days.

5.3. Increase in period of validity of the certificate at the industrial goods till one year.

6. Cancellation of obligatory registration of waybills for transportation and storage of the goods in tax bodies. The goods account, at transportation, storage and realization, should be carried out in the entrepreneurs (the worker on hiring), in any order.

7. Reduction of the rate of the uniform tax twice.

8. The termination of confiscation of property and the goods at citizens and entrepreneurs to formal and far-fetched signs.

9. For support of the domestic manufacturer to reduce the rate of the uniform tax twice, for persons trading in the domestic goods.

10. To dismiss judge Podoljanchik.

11. Will dismiss the official from Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection Antonov

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