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June 19th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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The son of Levaneuski is detained

On June, 19th 2002 in market “Central” of Grodno by employees of militia son of Valery Levaneuski – Uladzimir has been detained. It distributed the letter to entrepreneurs which his father has written them from the chamber №4 of detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno. Valery Levaneuski has been arrested, in his opinion, on forged case and from the moment of arrest, 10 June, continues hunger-strike.

Uladzimir is16years old, he is the pupil of 10 class, he considered, that there is nothing illegal that he will distribute to entrepreneurs the letter of the father, however employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs so have not counted. They have detained him. As it was, Uladzimir tells:

Approximately at 13.00 the person has approached to me in the citizen. Having shown the certificate (has shown quickly, I have not seen a surname) he has asked to pass with him to establish my person. I have asked it: “And it will be for a long time?”, he has answered: “No, we only will establish your person, and you will be free”. Have indoors started to ask, who am I, where I live, study etc. I have told that I am 16 years old; I study in 10 classes etc. After have established my person, I asked employees of militia to release me, on what was they refused. I asked them to notify my parents on that that have detained me, but they have given up, motivating it that have not detained me and have invited. I have told: “If I have been invited, I can refuse the invitation and go further to be engaged in the business”. One of employees, I do not know, who on a surname, has told threateningly: “You from here will not leave!” I have asked to release me since I wished to eat and drink (since the morning of nothing ate and planned to eat in the market) on what too was refused. Employees of militia behaved under the relation to me very roughly. After several my requests (to call parents, for what has detained me, etc.) one of them to me has told: “Don’t be such a smart aleck!! What the abrupt?” Also that me will plant. After approximately 10 minute pauses, I have asked it: “for Whom do we wait?”. He has told, that me should lead in October District Internal Affairs Department, and further the inspector on affairs of minors will talk to me. I have asked it: “I need to be on 14.00 on study. Whether long it is all will be?”, on what he has answered: ” No. You will simply greet the inspector and will be in time and for study and will allot the literature since the market works till 16.00, and all entrepreneurs gather at this particular time “. He also has refused to tell what the time is though at most on hands there were hours. In minutes 8 there has arrived the car. I have been carried in October District Internal Affairs Department (Karbyshev street 3). There in a current of 15 minutes the inspector on affairs of minors, Rudagin С.В, stutters to me various questions:” Where it is all was printed? Who has given it to me? Who else distributes the given literature? How many to me for it pay? How many all has been printed leaflets? “etc. I have refused to give explanations (indication) and have told that I will speak in the presence of parents (since I am 16 years old) or the lawyer. He to me has told:” Are you films have seen enough? You will give explanations? «I have answered it, that was not present, then the inspector has started to call home and by other phones in search of my mum. But attempts have appeared useless – mum was on a summer residence. I asked to call my father who is in the same building in the chamber №4 under arrest. It has given up. I have asked: “For what have detained me?” He has answered: “Distribution of not registered printed matter (item 172 of administrative code)”. I have asked to give it to me the report of detention me (or a copy), on what the inspector has told, that now the report will not give to me, but only it will be possible to receive it after the letter of inquiry in October District Internal Affairs Department. I have asked to explain me my rights, on what the inspector has answered: “you have a right to sit and be silent”. I have asked again it: “Also it is all?” The inspector: ” Yes,It is all “. Then I have asked him to deduce me to eat and have a drink – it was too refusal. After 30 minutes the inspector has started to set again the same questions, but I to answer have refused. Then he to me has told, that I the independent person and bear responsibility both administrative, and criminal, and not the summer residence of explanations too can cause responsibility. I have again explained to it, that I will not give indications in absence of parents or the lawyer. The inspector has started to fuss (to go on District Internal Affairs Department). After careful recalculation and studying of letters (about 40 minutes), the inspector has decided to write the certificate about their withdrawal. He wrote it about 20 minutes (since did not know how correctly to write it, and searched for somebody who is able to write correctly such certificate). Has found a two understood and has suggested me to subscribe twice under this document, on what I have refused. They have released me only at 15.33 with a certificate copy about withdrawal. I and have not understood: For what I was held by two and a half an hour and in what there was my fault?

During interrogation Valery Levaneuski knew, that there and then near to his chamber interrogate his 16-old son. He asked security guards to admit it to it, but was refused. What did Valery when his son on interrogation, nearby has learnt, what feel, and it anything cannot help it? He will tell, when leaves. He knows not by hearsay about “justice” of justice of Belarus. He knows, that could be.

Alexander Vasilieu Grodno 19.06.2002.

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