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October 8th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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The action “Empty pans” in Grodno

The action “Empty pans” appears in Grodno. 11.10.2002 (Friday), at 12.00 at a building Grodno regional executive committee (of Grodno Street Ozheshko 3).

Dear inhabitants also stay of Grodno!

To citizens of Belarus, the Grodno city executive committee has forbidden to hold meeting 11.10.2002 in park in protection of our economic and social rights to formal and far-fetched signs. And what do them so afraid? (The demand for meeting, refusal in meeting carrying out).

Not looking at an interdiction, at 16.00 11.10.2002 in park Valery Levaneuski’s meeting with citizens of Belarus, deputies, and representatives bodies the authorities and managements will take place. Come – we will exchange opinions.

In connection with refusal the action “Empty pans” appears in Grodno. 11.10.2002 (Friday), amicably at 12.00 we come to a building Grodno regional executive committee (Grodno, street Ozheshko 3) on a meeting to the Chairman Grodno  regional executive committee  on which he is notified. The action essence -is to the workers serving, entrepreneurs, pensioners, students, doctors, teachers nothing to feed children and families. We come on a meeting in regional executive committee with empty ware and we ask them us to feed, give work, to explain that occurs – why the majority of Belarussians for some years became beggars? Start up Grodno regional executive committee will fill these pans with soup, meat, vegetables and other foodstuff. It is convinced, that the chairman of Grodno regional executive committee will come on a meeting and will answer all our questions – we are convinced, that he is not the coward! To employees of militia and other power structures, tax inspection, the request: to take more pans.

We remind that the charitable action “Our city” from September, 25th till October, 25th, 2002 is spent. The action is spent at the initiative of the Grodno entrepreneurs at support of the Grodno Public Female Organization (GPFO) “A mercy Spring”.

As well as in last actions, we will try to help much needy, having many children, to children’s home; necessarily we will arrange a small holiday for children.

Gathering of things, products will be made, to furniture and to be distributed requiring. The earnest entreaty – second-hand things to hand only pure and whole. There is the big requirement for products, footwear, and furniture and washing-up liquids.

Things will be accepted from 14.30 till 16,00 in “Neman” of street Bathory 8, a room 330 GPFO “A mercy Spring”, or on co-coordinated other time. If necessary we can give transport.

Inquiries daily by phone 44-14-33 from 14.00 till 16.00, 31-30-62 from 9.00 till 10.00. Requiring rendering assistance can daily call from 14.00 till 16.00 on ph. 44-14-33.

Interested persons independently to assist children’s home call directly there ph. 6-67-58

Yours faithfully Valery Levaneuski

To the chairman of the Grodno city executive committee

The statement

On purpose:

- Public discussion and expression of the relation to the Decision of state customs committee №55, decrees№14 and №15, to articles 154, 154 p.1, 154 p.5 of administrative code RB, to system of pricing of rent of trading places and the sizes of rates of the fixed tax for entrepreneurs under preparing law «About the uniform tax…», the legalization about social insurance

- Public discussion of questions connected with increase, a rise in prices for a foodstuff, social vulnerability of citizens

- Public discussion of the legislation on protection of the rights of consumers

I ask to resolve carrying out of meeting 11.10.2002 in park of Grodno (or in any other place the specified Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People’s Deputies).

Action will begin at 16.00 and will end at 18.00. Assumed quantity of participants of meeting will make hundred persons.

The organizer of meeting is -  Levaneuski Valery Stanislavovich, being the private entrepreneur.

Measures on maintenance of a public order and safety at action conducting: are carried out by means of active workers from number entrepreneurs, sportsmen and citizens in coordination with workers of law enforcement bodies it is entrusted to them to keep order at actions.

20.09.2002 V.S.Levaneuski

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