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October 10th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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In Belarus strike of entrepreneurs proceeds

In Belarus strike of entrepreneurs with the termination of payment of taxes and other payments in the budget proceeds. Grodno and the Grodno area, Brest, Vitebsk, Baranovichi and many other cities most actively strike. The largest market of Grodno “Southern” is empty completely. On October, 8th the Grodno entrepreneurs have made the decision on strike continuation. For today nearby 100.000 persons take part in strike. The Grodno taxi drivers have not come to work till now.

Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus accepted the decision on continuation of the action of civil disobedience also. In this action for today participates more than 150.000 entrepreneurs whom additional requisitions at a rate of 36 thousand rubles on social insurance refuse to pay?

On October, 11th (on Friday) 2002 at 12.00, on Lenin’s area about a building of Grodno executive committee (of Grodno of street Ozheshko 3) will take place a meeting of inhabitants of Grodno and the Grodno area with representatives legislative and an executive power. All who wishes to have a talk with heads of Grodno and the Grodno area, heads of tax service, militia, deputies of local councils, deputies of National Meeting to set it the questions, can make it. Probably, Grodno executive committee will organize this day distribution of products and things for people from needy families (at itself it is necessary to have the passport). If there will be means at Grodno executive committee there is possibility of a hot food (is not excluded better to have at themselves ware – pans, a spoon, etc.). Experts of Grodno executive committee will explain to you when the wages will be given out, pension, heating in houses is connected, roads when the markets who prevents to work to entrepreneurs who is guilty that many of you became beggars why today cannot be lived on a wages, pension, the grant etc. will start to work are repaired

Such meetings, we hope Grodno executive committee will spend regularly. We invite representatives of mass-media.

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