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September 12th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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In Belarus the national action of civil disobedience is declared

By point 2 of the decree of the president of Belarus from July, 25th, 2002 № 18 “About some questions of social protection of citizens” it is established, that individual entrepreneurs are subject to obligatory state social insurance and pay obligatory insurance payments in sizes and an order, provided by the legislation, but not less the sum of the named payments estimated at a rate of 36 percent from size of the budget confirmed when due hereunder of a living wage on the average per capita (the full text of the decree is located more low).

The decree is installed since August, 1st, 2002 though position on it in item 3 infringement is not developed till now. Not clearly, what for to pay in this fund to pensioners, entrepreneurs taking the basic place of work, to the entrepreneurs working of 1-2 days in month. 36 % whence undertook and many other things questions remained without due consideration.

Because the given Decree is legally confused, contradicting to itself, Constitution of Belarus and to the current legislation, Strike Committee of entrepreneurs declares the action of civil disobedience, i.e. refusal of performance of item 2 of the given Decree before its reduction in legal frameworks (we recommend the decree to cancel data).

Entrepreneurs of Belarus are offered not to get registered in social insurance bodies (before working out of Position not contradicting the Constitution of Belarus), and become it is recommended to withdraw in writing the previous statements for statement on the account in this body (in default in reception of such statement, it is necessary to send it mail the certified mail). We remind, that agree the given Decree, and all entrepreneurs who become on the account and have paid already in state insurance company – to you are threatened with huge penalties if you have incomes (gain) above 40 US dollars a month.

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs RB Valery Levaneuski.

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