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September 30th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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The reference to entrepreneurs of Belarus

By Decision of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus declares national strike of entrepreneurs with the termination of payment of taxes and other payments in the budget since October, 1st, 2002.

We act:

- Against introduction of cash summarizing devices and obligatory opening of settlement accounts in bank for the persons paying the uniform tax.

- Against the decree of the president of Belarus about social insurance.

- Against enslaving contracts on rent of places and shops.

- Against unreasonably high rent for trading places.

- Against certification of the goods in the markets on which certification is not necessary (except the children’s goods and a foodstuff)

- Against obligatory registration in tax bodies of waybills for transportation and storage of the goods.

- Against confiscation at entrepreneurs of property and the goods to formal and far-fetched signs.

- Against introductions of factor two in the uniform tax to the goods of import manufacture

- Against liquidation of the markets in Minsk (“Tractor”, etc.)

- For decrease in the uniform tax twice

- For the termination of extortion of bribes by various supervising bodies

- For the termination of introduction of new kinds of requisitions and taxes for the persons paying the uniform tax.

- For acceleration of procedure of obligatory certification and hygienic registration of the goods (a deadline – three days).

- For increase in period of validity of the certificate or the certificate of hygienic registration till 2 years.

- For support of the domestic manufacturer (It is offered for the entrepreneurs trading in the domestic goods to enter factor in the uniform tax – 0, 5.)

- For the offer for country councils of deputies and the Minsk city council of deputies about reduction of rates of the uniform tax in all cities to level of 2001. (To us it is not clear, why real incomes of the population fall, and the uniform tax increases).

If you support these requirements – join!

Who for resignation A. G. Lukashenka – too join! Not having solved political problems – we will not solve the economic., A.G.Lukashenka has allowed a command to search for money to all ministries and departments. Money searches in your pockets. At all enterprises already so “have managed for a while” what to take from them there is nothing.

Now clearly, that with 1October the majority of entrepreneurs of Belarus will strike. Only a few markets of Minsk and some cities are in doubt. The authorities make the big efforts to break strike in these markets.

Plan idle time: to achieve that at least the part of entrepreneurs of these markets left to work. And then will show on TV with comments that entrepreneurs have not supported strike. For this reason, from entrepreneurs of these markets, from you personally, will depend very many.

The entrepreneur! If you go to work, you agree both with cash registers and with waybills! They will be introduced, first of all, there where entrepreneurs agree with it. If you leave to work, buy a cash register and hand over all gain in bank! That will be then -it is to foresee easy! The authorities want you reflected on consequences of these innovations, not about the politician, not about economy, there is nothing. They want, that you like dumb cattle have buried in “trough” and quietly “chewed” that will give to you. They are afraid, when you start to “look back” – that occurs around. They want, that you are obedient waited for the fate, as animals on a meat-packing plant.

I know, now on the markets walking “political instructors”, both from the power, and from created by it, ostensibly enterprise structures and extend misinformation, tell to you about “civilized trade”, about any negotiations which are not present, about any unity, it is not known with whom, promise everything if only to convince you not to take part in strike. Believe, the authorities could cancel very simply strike if on TV has acted, at least, the prime minister and has told that all this “…!” With cash registers and waybills it is cancelled. But it is not present and will not be, since your money is necessary to them.

The entrepreneur! If you agree to say goodbye to the money then go and work! These days, at the expense of the companions, you, probably, “will weld on” one hundred more dollars. But this money will not go to you on advantage! They will lay a black stain on your conscience if it at you still is.

Strike Committee cannot support those entrepreneurs who voluntary wish to give all.

How it is possible to help the person, which itself climbs in a loop?

Suicide -isĀ  business voluntary! What to do? To strike or not to strike?

Strike Committee can explain only a situation and give recommendations, after all in Strike Committee are the same entrepreneurs, as well as you are, they have no other possibilities. Unique our weapon is a word.

And you should solve!

Yours faithfully

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski.

The note: 1.10.2002 wishing to meet Valery Levaneuski, to set to him questions, can make it at 11.00 about an input on stadium “Dynamo” (Minsk, a front entrance on. Street of Kirov 8 (from ticket offices) where press conference with participation of heads of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus will take place.

Do not forget to hand over a target payment on strike. (The coupon with the press certifying as ill “entrepreneurs“) stands out.

Who has already paid the tax that can write the statement to tax inspection with the request to transfer this tax to November, 2002 in connection with vacation (in connection with stay of enterprise activity, on family circumstances, etc.). Tax inspection is obliged to transfer this tax to the next month.

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