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June 25th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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Valery Levaneuski left on freedom (photo)

Valery Levaneuski left on freedom5.06.2002 ten minutes prior to the termination of term from detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department Valery Levaneuski is released on freedom. We will remind, that Valery Levaneuski has been condemned by court of October area of Grodno (judge Podoljanchik of ph. 31-36-57, as of 27.06.2002 is in hospital), on the forged charge (disrespect for court) for 15 days of arrest from 10.06.2002.
That charge is an order of the authorities, speak and following facts: to Valery Levaneuski have been forbidden to use the lawyer (about what he in writing asked), have forbidden to give proofs about the innocence. The judge asserts, that Valery Levaneuski, being the claimant on case about protection of the rights of consumers, has not come on judicial sessions 6.02.2002 and 25.06.2002 without a good reason that mismatches the validity since in both cases he in writing, according to the Civil remedial code, asked court to consider case in its absence. Moreover, on the given case Levaneuski repeatedly came to court and gave to court exhaustive evidences.

The most interesting, is that the given judge had no right to consider the given case. As “offence” is made in territory of Lenin area of Grodno (the Court of October area of Grodno is in territory Lenin area), and according to p.1 item 256 of administrative code cases about an administrative offence should be considered in a place of its fulfillment. That is the Court of Lenin area of Grodno, instead of October should consider the case. But the order is the order. And the judge with the twenty years’ experience of work has gone on infringement of the law and has condemned Valery Levaneuski for 15 days of arrest. According to Valery Levaneuski, in behavior of the judge the structure of a crime provided by articles 383 “Arbitrariness”, 395 “Falsification of proofs”, 397 “obviously illegal detention or imprisonment”, 424 “Abusing the power or office powers”, 426 “Excess of the power or office powers”, 427 “Office forgery”, 428 “the Office negligence” about what the corresponding statement to the General Public prosecutor now is made contains. One more interesting detail: shortly before arrest Valery Levaneuski has made the complaint to the given judge, connected with its professional work. Besides, in 2001 under Valery Levaneuski’s complaint some Definitions of the given judge by Regional court have been cancelled. Considering these circumstances, it is possible to understand, why punishment over Valery Levaneuski was made by this judge.

Despite arrest of Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, strike in Grodno has passed 20.06.2002 more than successfully. Did not work not only the largest markets of Grodno, but also all mini-markets. The authorities were convinced that by arrest of leaders of Strike Committee, to achieve strike failure it is impossible.

Besides, Valery Levaneuski is intended to excite a little civil and criminal cases on the facts of infringement of its rights and legitimate interests.
Right after an exit from detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department session of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus has taken place. At session the Decision on carrying out of protest actions is accepted:

1. National one-day republican strike of entrepreneurs on July, 31st 2002.

2. Since September, 1st, 2002 term less national republican strike with the termination of payment of taxes and other payments in the budget appears we (go on leave).

The strike reason is the new project of the Decree of the President of Belarus which is planned to enter from 1.09.2002. According to this project of the decree, the rate of the uniform tax raise in 2-3 times, the factor for the import goods is established-2 (was – 1,3 earlier), penalties for default of the given Decree increase five times. Cash registers are entered. A target payment on carrying out of strike 31.07.2002 – is 1000 rubles (the coupon stands out). Money is necessary on manufacturing and information distribution across all Belarus, traveling and living expenses, services of the lawyer (it is not excluded, that again heads of Strike Committee will try to “close┬╗) and other expenses.

As to results of strike 20.06.2002 we now work with deputies of the Grodno regional Council – we achieve decrease in rates of taxes. Depending on successes of this dialogue, it will be accepted us of the decision on continuation of local protest actions. We suggest all to sign the reference to the deputy.


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