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October 3rd, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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Statement of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus from 3.10.2002

On October, 1st, 2002 by Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus is declared national strike of entrepreneurs of Belarus with the termination of payment of taxes, with promotion of economic and political requirements (A.Lukashenka’s resignation). As of 3.10.2002 years in strike take part more than 190 thousand entrepreneurs and persons working on hiring.

As we also assumed, the basic retaliatory measures against the entrepreneurs of Belarus paying the uniform tax for month forward at a rate of 50-150 US dollars, exceeding wages across Belarus, by the state were planned for October, 1st, 2002. For an example we result the “confidential” Decision of the Grodno regional executive committee № 484 from September, 10th, 2002 (?!!!), published in an official press – the newspaper “Grodno truth” from October, 3rd, 2002. Privacy of the given decision that it is published only in 23 days after its acceptance, and in two days after its introduction into force on of Grodno.

Apparently from the decision the authorities planned an establishment of cash registers in all tents and trading places in the markets of all villages and cities and even mini-markets. The authorities planned penalties (to 100 minimum wages) for all entrepreneurs who have not established such devices. Such entrepreneurs should be hundred thousand since cash registers in the state in such quantity are not present, and their installation is too expensive for much.

The decision Grodno regional executive committee – is typical. Such innovations were planned in all cities of Belarus. They waited, that we will pay taxes, and since October, 1st us will start all to fine for absence of cash registers. But for them waited – is a surprise. All strike – there is nobody to fine.

We knew about planned large-scale reprisals against entrepreneurs of Belarus. It was one of the latent reasons of transferring of strike since September, 1st, 2002 for October, 1st, 2002 (the entrepreneurs striking since September, 1st, 2002, could not work and on October, 1st, 2002 since they would not have cash registers).

Strike committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus pays attention on hypocrisy of the state authorities confirming about cancellation cash registers in the markets and the moratoriums on penal sanctions, and other positive changes for small entrepreneurship. On 3.10.2002 we are deceived simply by authorities and that do not do for conflict situation correction.
A.Lukashenka as positively does not react on a situation, except threats and empty “talking shop”.

For these reasons Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus continues to support A.Lukashenka’s prescheduled resignation from a post of the President of Belarus.

Yours faithfully

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs RB Valery Levaneuski

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