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October 23rd, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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Valery Levaneuski is again arrested

On October, 23rd 2002 for 15 days chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski at 16 o’clock has been once again arrested. How it has occurred? What preceded arrest?

11 October 2002 about thousand entrepreneurs, participants of strike, have come on a meeting with officials Grodno regional executive committee to hear from them as their vital questions are solved. On it depended; they will continue strike or leave to work. Among them there was chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski. According to Valery Levaneuski, no meeting existed, people stood and waited, when officials of Grodno regional executive committee leave and will clear a situation. By the way, as evening of the same day on the Grodno TV the same officials have acted and have declared that almost all innovations in the legislation, regulating activity of entrepreneurs are transferred the next year that has allowed entrepreneurs to stop strike.

However, according to Valery Levaneuski, “order” has followed, 11 October the report on an administrative offence (for the organization of not authorized meeting) has been made, and, further, on October, 22nd “the most independent court in the world” has started consideration of an administrative offence.

The court proceeded two days, on October, 22nd and 23. The judge on administrative affairs of Lenin area of Grodno Kozel Natalia Grigorevna has considered, that Valery Levaneuski has organized not authorized meeting 11 October 2002 before a building of Grodno regional executive committee, for what he in 16.00 23 October has been arrested on 15 days and is direct from a court hall has been convoyed in detention centre of October area of Grodno.

At night 23 October and Lenin District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno could not define in any way where to contain Valery Levaneuski, it some times drove that there, here.

Approximately, to 12.00the place of his maintenance, it is detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department by of Grodno – ph. 440129, on duty October District Internal Affairs Department – ph. 770176 on October, 24th has been definitively defined.

From the moment of arrest Valery Levaneuski has gone on hunger strike. To learn about Valery Levaneuski’s state of health it is possible by specified phones.

According to the majority of entrepreneurs, it is punishment; it is attempt to shut a mouth to the objectionable politician. Not in forces to solve any serious problem of the state, neither social, nor economic, political, the power continues reprisals against those who speak the truth: against journalists, politicians and entrepreneurs, being covered thus people name.

The deputy chairman of Strike committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus
Alexander Vasilieu 23.10.2002

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