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November 7th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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Levaneuski left on freedom

Approximately, for three hours (at 13.00) before the termination of term of the maintenance of 15 days, from detention center of October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno have been set free Valery Levaneuski. Such actions of the authorities contradict the Decision of Court of Lenin area of Grodno (it agree Decisions term of administrative arrest for Valery Levaneuski comes to an end at 16.00 7.11.2002), to the current legislation and, according to Valery Levaneuski, are illegal.

Valery have released earlier at three o’clock, illegally, against his will.

Let’s remind that Valery Levaneuski has been condemned to 15 days of arrest on fabricated, according to Valery, case. (The text of the Decision of court you can see below). To Valery Levaneuski during judicial session have actually forbidden causing witnesses from among heads Grodno regional executive committee, the Department of Internal Affairs Grodno regional executive committee, Leninski District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno and participants of “meeting”. There were a number of essential infringements of other remedial and other rights of Valery during proceeding. The given Decision of court will be appealed against as supervision. Chances of the verdict of “not guilty” are minimum, since in our country of the indication of one militiaman which saw nothing, hundred witnesses not militiamen have the big validity, than. Not looking at it, the Decision of court concerning Valery Levaneuski will be appealed against from 23.10.2002.

Besides, Valery Levaneuski is intended to excite a number of civil cases with the requirement of indemnification of moral harm, for infringement of its rights and legitimate interests in the Temporary detention facility of Leninski District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno where Valery Levaneuski and to detention center of October District Internal Affairs Department has originally been placed by of Grodno where further proceeded his imprisonment. As it is known, Valery, has already exposed claim to detention center of October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno in 15 million Belarus rubles for last imprisonment from June, 10 till June, 25th, 2002.

As a sign of the protest against infringement of his rights and legitimate interests Valery Levaneuski has gone on hunger strike, which proceeded from 23.10.2002 till. During hunger-strike to Valery Levaneuski have forbidden constant medical supervision about which he in writing asked.

Now the complaint is submitted to Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin area of Grodno on actions of officials of detention center of Leninski District Internal Affairs Department by of Grodno upon Valery Levaneuski’s illegal ahead of schedule – forced clearing.

The decision of court from 23.10.2002: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Press service of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus

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