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November 22nd, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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Session of “Club of entrepreneurs” or “Club of stool pigeons”…

On November, 22nd, 2002 in Grodno widely advertised session of Council of regional associations of entrepreneurs has taken place. “The club of entrepreneurs” or “Club of stool pigeons” as they name the Grodno entrepreneurs supervised over this meeting in of Grodno. “Representatives”, heads, experts of public organisations of “entrepreneurs”, regional and other chiefs have taken part in session. In total- there were people 25-30.

Representatives of Strike committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus on this session of Council naturally have not passed, even as listeners.

After Council session press conference on which representatives of Strike Committee and editions of «Entrepreneur” again have not been admitted has taken place.
According to the interrogated participants of session of Council, this session was boring and on duty.

Session even has shown on the Grodno TV. That such important dared at this session remains a riddle for entrepreneurs.

On the TV screen acquaintances to tears of the person flashed: participants of meeting whom businesses to development have the most remote relation. “Persons on duty” with identical success can take part in all actions, beginning from global warming and finishing problems of interstellar flights.

All has come to the end, as usually, banal drunken feast (buffet table).

All would nothing. But whom the authorities and pseudo-public nearby deceive the state “enterprise” organizations? Itself, us, foreign donors.

It is very a pity, that the International Financial Corporation finances these boring, to nobody the necessary actions. Financial assets directed on “Development of small and average business in Belarus” are actually started up on a wind.

Money in another’s pocket to consider it is not accepted. But there is one circumstance which should be noted: at the expense of the Swedish Management of the international development and cooperation SIDA the whole army of the Belarus parasites which as a whole stir to development of enterprise movement in Belarus grows.

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski

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